Courtney Ray

  • 01/05/2023

    In lieu of specific resolutions, perhaps people should establish yearly themes for themselves, which are much broader and more encompassing of general ideas—and allow for more grace toward the...

  • 12/01/2022

    During seasonal celebrations, we would do well to take our cues from others. It’s important to remember that the same occasions that make one person jubilant have the potential to reopen wounds of...

  • 11/03/2022

    Recently, Vermont residents received unsolicited copies of "The Great Controversy" in the mail, leaving residents confused about the motive. But despite these abysmal results, we repeat the same...

  • 10/06/2022

    Pretending there isn’t any variation in how we express our humanness won’t make those differences disappear. It will just mean we’re doing our jobs incompletely and inadequately informed.