Courtney Ray

  • empty chair with spotlight

    If we want everyone to be welcome, then we have to purposefully make room. Often, decision-makers are not being intentionally exclusionary, but the effect will be the same unless you decide to be...

  • Woman praying over Bible.

    Humans have a tendency to develop prejudices and retroactively justify them by claiming they are God’s preferences. We like to make God in our image. We forget that we’re made in God’s image—all...

  • Jack-o-lantern face carving on pumpkin

    Halloween can be scary. But not half as scary as when Christians exhibit rampant unchecked ignorance. 

  • Man holding up hand in stop motion

    We need to deprogram both men and women out of the belief that women being domineered is “the natural order." Instead of seeing “yes” as default, we need to continually reinforce that only “yes”...