Bob Blundell

  • 06/21/2019

    I had always had an image in my mind of a dark barren valley, painted in murky shades of sand and grey. It was surrounded by harsh mountains with jagged peaks reaching into the sky like tentacles...

  • 05/10/2019

    Who was this Man? Was He a prophet, or much more? The multitudes had followed Him to the Mount of Beatitudes, desperately seeking that answer.

  • 04/12/2019

    In this ancient part of Jerusalem, where our Lord entered the city 2,000 years before, I stood, solemnly absorbing its significance. Near me, a score of people circled their tour guide, listening...

  • 12/07/2018

    I watched as they drug the woman up the uneven steps, limp and bleeding, and when they reached the top, they dropped her near His feet.



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