Barry Casey

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Barry Casey taught religion, philosophy, ethics, and communications for 37 years at universities in Maryland and Washington, DC. He is now retired and writing in Burtonsville, Maryland. More of the author’s writing can be found on his blog, Dante’s Woods. Email him at [email protected]His first book, Wandering, Not Lost: Essays on Faith, Doubt, and Mystery, is now available.

  • 10/10/2017

    “ . . . Above and beyond our rational being lies hidden the ultimate and highest part of our nature, which can find no satisfaction in the mere allaying of the needs of our sensuous, psychical, or...

  • 10/03/2017

    Whenever this dark begins to fallWhenever I'm vulnerable and smallWhenever I feel like I could dieWhenever I'm holding back the tears that I cryWhenever I say your nameWhenever I call to mind your...

  • 09/26/2017

    And you know it’s time to goThrough the sleet and driving snowAcross the fields of mourningLight in the distance –U2, A Sort of Homecoming

  • 09/18/2017

    ". . . [T]he purpose of a myth was to make people more fully conscious of the spiritual dimension that surrounded them on all sides and was a natural part of life." — Karen Armstrong, A Short...