"Something Better: Black History and Seventh-day Adventist History"

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February 1, 2022

"As this month of African American history reminds us, we see the hope of something better at work, in the remarkable climb of the descendants of American slavery to present status. My proposal today is that as we rightly consider the role of Black Americans as healers in today’s multicultural society, we also celebrate appropriately the healing they themselves have experienced by the innovating principle of something better."

This sermon by Calvin B. Rock was preached at the Loma Linda University Church in 2013 for Black History Sabbath. A version of this message appears in the 2021 book African American Seventh-day Adventist Healers in a Multicultural Nation. It was also printed in Adventist World last year. 

This video appears courtesy of Dr. Benjamin Baker, historian, educator, and founder of blacksdahistory.org. Baker is the guest Spectrum editor this month and will be bringing more content about Black Adventist history.


Alexander Carpenter is executive editor of Spectrum

Image: Screenshot from "Something Better," video originally broadcast by Loma Linda Broadcasting Network in 2013.

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