Monday Meditation: “A Good Christmas”—Rowan Wiliams

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December 20, 2021

In this homily delivered at St. Paul's Cathedral in 2015, Rowan Williams, the 104th archbishop of Canterbury (2002–12), "explores the meaning of Christmas, the darkness and strangeness of the story at the beginning of our faith as well as its message of eternal joy and hope. He also offers suggestions about how we might reclaim Christmas for our spiritual lives."

“When God begins this life among us, when this birth happens that inaugurates a new way for God to be with us, God doesn’t pick apart the fabric of the world and intrude, like another person, another thing, in the ordinary way,” Williams says. “God works out the gift of divine life for us, through a human life like ours.”

You can watch the entire homily below.  


Alexander Carpenter is executive editor elect of Spectrum

Image credit: “A Good Christmas with Rowan Williams,” St. Paul’s Cathedral (YouTube)


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