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June 13, 2019

The Friday night speaker for our 2019 conference coming up on Labor Day weekend, Gerald Winslow, PhD, the director of the Center for Christian Bioethics at Loma Linda University, talks with me about his earliest memories of growing up Adventist, how he approaches the complexity of human identities, and what he thinks Adventism offers the world.

He received his undergraduate education at Walla Walla College and his master’s degree at Andrews University. He earned his doctorate from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. For the past 35 years he has specialized in teaching and writing about ethics, especially biomedical ethics.

His books include Triage and Justice published by the University of California Press and Facing Limits from Westview Press. His articles have appeared in academic journals such as the Western Journal of Medicine, the Journal of Pediatrics, The Hastings Center Report, the Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, and General Dentistry. He has presented lectures and seminars at universities and for professional groups throughout North America and in Australia, Europe, Africa, and the People's Republic of China.

He currently serves as an ethics consultant to a variety of organizations, including Blue Shield Foundation of California and Roche Pharmaceuticals. He is a founding member of the California Technology Assessment Forum, a public forum for the evaluation of new health care technologies. 

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Alexander Carpenter is a board member of Adventist Forum, the organization that publishes Spectrum.

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