If Women Had Written the Bible

If Women Had Written the Bible

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June 30, 2007

Over on the main Spectrum site, Pastor James Coffin writes:
The other day, my wife, Leonie, tried on some clothing she’d just bought, inviting my appraisal. I said she looked "fine."
It wasn’t the right answer—especially since I’d continued glancing at the newspaper while replying.
"fine" and "OK" don’t cut it with Leonie at the best of
clothes-modeling times. But when my head is in a newspaper, such terms
seem to irritate her even more. Go figure. Anyway, she shared her
feelings with me. The tone of her voice and the set of her jaw
suggested that she believed what she was saying.
"Wait just a minute," I said in response to her suggestion that a more definitive word than fine
might be in order—not to mention a lot less attention directed toward
the newspaper. "Even God, when he’d finished creating each aspect of
the world, just said it was ’good.’ He didn’t say it was ’fantastic,’
’mind-boggling,’ or ’out-of-this-world’—which, you’ll have to admit,
would have been an unusual expression to use right at that moment! He
just said it was ’good.’"
"What would you expect him to say?" she shot back. "God is a man.

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