Frisson Spotlight (1.8) Advancing information technology would make Adventism more congregational, but also more global

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September 5, 2006

This is part eight of the conversation with Timothy Puko. To read them in sequence, click here. ____________________________________________________
Yesterday I really wanted to write that rapidly advancing information technology would make Adventism more congregational, but also more global. When I then thought about that statement, I realized it made no sense at all and was a complete contradiction, so I took the pussyfoot (and equally contradictory) "semi-wholesale" conclusion. But, today, I'm glad to see you addressing my original idea, that Adventism will become "increasingly local, cross-geographical, and independent."
I still don't know what Adventist media will become because that's really going to be determined by a number of other pressures that you alluded to. We seem to agree that the speed and variety of communication are really going to give power to smaller groups and local congregations within the church. Now that's just going to exaggerate a lot of the culture pressures affecting the church in various parts of the world. There will be a lot of resources available for people who want to break off and create their own form of Adventism. This really puts into question the church's ability to maintain itself as a worldwide organization. That probably already was in question.
I know this was supposed to be our last post, but Alexander, let me ask you this: What can the General Conference do to stay relevant to its congregations? And, should it?
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