Controversies, great and small

Controversies, great and small

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August 23, 2006

By Bonnie DwyerAmong the books on my night stand calling out to be read is Nancey
Murphy’s Bodies and Souls or Spirited
, so I was pleased to find commentary on it while web surfing.
Lynne Rudder Baker reviewed the book for Notre Dame’s Philosophy Reviews.
Baker does a nice summary of each of the chapters and then concludes
that Bodies and Souls is
“written in a comfortable conversational style and introduces many of the
controversies that confront Christians today.”

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//--> So I am determined to begin reading Murphy tonight for myself.
seem to be so many controversies, of late. Zeroing in and gaining some
understanding would be a good thing. Not to mention the Forum Conference is
coming up in October. Nancey will be the speaker. This is a chance to get
acquainted ahead of time.

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