Does God Condone Murder?

June 21, 2006

There is a great new film, now out on DVD, called The War Within. It addresses the struggle between private faith and public duty, in this case: religious war.  The War Within addresses terrorism and raises questions about our responsibility for our beliefs - how much of our faith is determined by events and for how much of our faith-based actions are we responsible? 
After watching the film, Adventist blogger (and good Spectrum reader) Johnny writes:

Within this country we have a few Preachers and religious leaders
who have called for murder of our enemies. Pat Robertson calling for
the killing of Venezuela's Chavez comes to mind.

I’m not interested in debating IF the Christian God or the Muslim God condones murder.

I will say that if murder, terrorism and war is what God wants, then that is a God of Hell.

Read what he means by "God of Hell" here.

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