Barry Black and Wintley Phipps on Adventist Arrogance and the Oakwood T. D. Jakes Disinvitation

January 18, 2012

Well, this is starting to rip through the Adventist grapevine. In early December at the Pastoral Evangelism and Leadership Conference at Oakwood University, both U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black and Wintley Phipps spoke frankly about the weak Adventist presence in the public sphere and our institutionalized arrogance toward other Christians. Chaplain Black shared how he was cautioned away from civil right activism while at the seminary. Wintly Phipps used the word "arrogant" repeatedly to describe some Adventists who don't allow non-Adventist ministers to speak to us. They both disapprovingly and pointed address the disinvitation of T. D. Jakes to Oakwood due to extremist outcry and public critique from Ted Wilson. They begin breaking it down at 4:19 into the video.

Key moments:

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