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2017 Adventist Forum Conference: Live Stream

Our 2017 Adventist Forum Conference, "Celebrating the Word: A Biblical Feast," has ended, but we encourage you to watch the video archive. Each conference session is below. Thank you for your interest, and we hope to see you next year!


Session VI: "Art and the Bible" featured two sections: Dr. John McDowell, whose artwork was featured at the Conference, presented on "Reading the Bible: Views of a Relationship." Next, our panel discussed "Sacred Texts and the Church." The panel was moderated by Dr. Zane Yi and featured Kendra Haloviak Valentine, John Brunt, and Terry and Kara Johnsson. Watch here:

Read Adventist Forum Board Member Carmen Lau's review of Dr. John McDowell's lecture here.


Session V: "Reading and Hearing the Bible" featured a Skype interview with Dr. Edward Vick on the topic, "How to Read the Bible: Why Plain Reading Won't Work" and a recitation of Philippians by Dr. John Brunt.  Watch here:

*Please note: We experienced some audio difficulties connecting with Dr. Vick via Skype for his lecture. The audio comes in around 29:40, so please feel free to fast-forward to that spot! We appreciate your understanding.


Session IV: "The Bible and Culture" featured two speakers:

Dr. Kendra Haloviak Valentine, religion professor at La Sierra University, spoke first. Her topic was entitled, "Ordination, Refugees, and Plain Readings: Biblical Interpretations on the Borders. Next, Dr. Timothy Golden, philosophy professor at Walla Walla University, spoke on "And the Flesh was Made Word: Expanding the History of Liberation Theology." Watch here:


Session III: "Ephesus 62 AD and Portland 2017 AD: Paul's Counsel to Christian Families" by Dr. John McVay, president of Walla Walla University. Watch here:


Session II: "Christ and the Conflict of Interpretations: Hermeneutics Transfigured" by Dr. Zane Yi, religion professor at Loma Linda University. Watch here:


Session I: "Liberating the New Testament Writers: The Astonishing Freedom of the New Testament Interpreters of the Old Testament by Dr. Alden Thompson, religion professor at Walla Walla University. Watch here:

*Please note: We experienced some audio difficulties at the beginning of Dr. Thompson's lecture. The sound does improve a couple minutes in, so please keep watching! We appreciate your understanding.


Additional Reading:

"Reading the Bible: Feast or Snack" by Carmen Lau, Adventist Forum board member

"The Art of Biblical Feasting" by Bonnie Dwyer, Spectrum editor


The conference program is below.

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