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In Defense of Freedom

“If you've wondered what you would've done during slavery, the Holocaust, or [the] Civil Rights're doing it now. #Charlottesville” –Aditi Juneja via Twitter.

An Alt-Christianity: Nascar Christianity

Probably the most popular driver in NASCAR history is Dale Earnhardt. He traded paint with other cars in an effort to get to the front and was known for disrupting what might otherwise be a predictable outcome. Earnhardt sometimes used a time-honored technique of "bump and run” to catapult his car to the checkered flag. His fans could not get enough of his unconventional style and sheer determination to win. On the backstretch of what would be his last race, he lost control and hit the wall.

Summer Reading Group: “Naturalism and Nihilism”

This is the first post in a seven-part series for Spectrum’s 2017 Summer Reading Group. Each post will be drawn from chapters of the book Humanism and the Death of God by Ronald E. Osborn.

Shaking the Powers of Heaven: A Total Solar Eclipse and Adventist Eschatology

On Aug 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will envelop most of the United States and parts of Canada and Mexico in partial darkness, while a narrow, 70-mile strip from Oregon to South Carolina will experience “totality” for approximately 2.5 minutes.

An eclipse similar to this magnitude last visited the U.S. in 1918; without commuting to the affected areas, one will darken your door every 380 years.

Hermeneutical Community and Invisible Remnant? Jerald Whitehouse’s Response to Chapter Seven in “Where Are We Headed?” by William G. Johnsson

“What is a ‘hermeneutical community’?”

“Who constitutes the ‘Invisible Remnant’?”

Those who were at the Roy Branson Legacy Sabbath School (RBLSS) on August 5 were so intrigued by Jerald Whitehouse’s presentation of these ideas that they rescheduled him to return on September 16.

Unity? Policy? Flexibility? Where’s the Sweet Spot?

So, we have a situation.

In essence, the GC says, “Ordaining women is against policy. You must stop and conform.” The unions say, “By Church policy, ordination decisions are within our purview, and our constituents think ordaining women is the right thing to do as we pursue mission where we live.”

This is complicated stuff involving multiple factors. Policy. Church governance. Church legal structure. Authority. Power. Control. Maybe even personal feelings.

We Missed the Meeting

I hate missing meetings, and in my line of work if you do, it can end up costing you. Someone may volunteer you for something that you did not want to do. You get the worst assignments when you miss a meeting.



A lot of you have been calling, texting, and checking in to see if Andrea, Max, and I are ok, and in all honesty I’m not ok.

Summer Reading Group: Humanism and the Death of God

We are excited that this year’s Spectrum

Genesis and Geology in Paradox: Ben Clausen’s Response to Chapter 6 in “Where Are We Headed” by William G. Johnsson

Ben Clausen frequently referred to the idea of “paradox” in his July 29 response to Chapter 6 in Where Are We Headed?

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