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We Missed the Meeting

I hate missing meetings, and in my line of work if you do, it can end up costing you. Someone may volunteer you for something that you did not want to do. You get the worst assignments when you miss a meeting.



A lot of you have been calling, texting, and checking in to see if Andrea, Max, and I are ok, and in all honesty I’m not ok.

Summer Reading Group: Humanism and the Death of God

We are excited that this year’s Spectrum

Genesis and Geology in Paradox: Ben Clausen’s Response to Chapter 6 in “Where Are We Headed” by William G. Johnsson

Ben Clausen frequently referred to the idea of “paradox” in his July 29 response to Chapter 6 in Where Are We Headed?

"Humans of Adventism" Page Launched to Encourage Candid Conversation

Kaleb Eisele in Orangeburg, South Carolina, hopes that his short profiles featuring a wide variety of Adventists will initiate conversation and encourage empathy, connecting people through stories.

Moving Forward with Mission: A Conversation with the NAD President

The Advent movement began in the United States after the Great Disappointment in 1844, with the Seventh-day Adventist Church becoming an official denomination in 1863. In 1979, Charles E. Bradford was elected to succeed Neal C. Wilson as president of the North American Division (NAD). Wilson, who served as a vice president in the General Conference with responsibility for North America, moved on to become president of the General Conference.

Liberty in Messiah: The Steep and Narrow Path to Unity

The multi-ethnic, multi-convictional nature of the early church - steeped Greco-Roman religious-philosophical ferment – defied efforts at uniformity of practice. So strong were the consciences of particular groups that in spite of the Church’s ruling at the Jerusalem Council on certain practices, there remained resistance. The Council ruled that Gentiles do not need to be circumcised, but it continued to be a factious issue.

Leo Ranzolin’s Response to Chapter 5 in “Where Are We Headed?” Poses Three Questions and Cites One Poet

Question: What do Alfred Lord Tennyson, Leo Ranzolin and William G. Johnsson have in common?

Answer: The Poem “In Memoriam” which Tennyson wrote and Ranzolin cited in his commentary on Chapter 5 of Johnsson’s book Where Are We Headed? Adventism After San Antonio.

The Church, like Israel, has Fallen into Idolatry

"You shall have no other god besides me” (Exodus 20:3).

“The battle is not between faith and unbelief but between faith and idolatry” (Kierkegard).

The focus of this article is neither idolatry in terms of how it was experienced and practiced in biblical times (and to some extent even today in religious systems like Hinduism), nor is the focus on money, popularity, fame, entertainment, pornography, etc. which Christians often define as modern forms of idolatry.

The African Woman in Discussion

The African Woman in Discussion

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