Summer Reading Group: Flourishing

Contemporary debates about religion, broadly speaking, fall into two categories. Some are theoretical in nature, dealing with the truth of certain beliefs and narratives held by religions? Do the gods or God exist? What is God like? Did a particular event happen as described in this or that text?

Looking After Adventist Students in Europe

Academic Tihomir Lazić talks about his work for Newbold College and the Trans-European Division finding ways to engage students across Europe in the life of the Adventist church.

North American Division Leaders Speak Out on Shooting Deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

Daniel R. Jackson and G. Alexander Bryant, the president and executive secretary of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America, issued the following joint statement on July 8, 2016. The statement is in response to this week’s shooting deaths in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Falcon Heights, Minnesota, and Dallas, Texas: 

Viewpoint: LGBT Adventists Can Find Hope in the Adventist Civil Rights Movement

This is a shortened version of an article written for the current issue of Spectrum (Spring 2016).

Adventist History Spotlight: Anna Knight and the “Free State of Jones”

In The Free State of Jones: Mississippi’s Longest Civil War (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2001), historian Victoria Bynum contends that Anna Knight’s conversion

Perspective: How a California Law Would Pit LGBT Rights Against Religious Institutions' Beliefs

A bill that would extend the non-discrimination requirements of a state-funded university and college scholarship program to participating religious colleges and universities is quickly making its way through the California state legislature. Opponents argue that as currently drafted, California's SB 1146 (California Legislative Tracker) would make it impossible for these religious institutions to continue to uphold and enforce their faith-based sexual conduct rules.

The Virtue of Moderate Thought: A Review of Miller's "The Reformation and the Remnant"

Scholars in the Seventh‐day Adventist Church, as leaders in their faith community, face the challenge of writing for those who will never gain entry into the classroom. We are not free to cloister ourselves inside the walls of a university on Mount Olympus and write only for ourselves. To make plain highly‐cerebral ideas requires hermeneutical awareness and sensitivity. Ironically, the commonalities we share with ordinary folk, many of which might make our faces flush red, facilitate our mediation of knowledge.

The Reformation and the Remnant: The Reformers Speak to Today’s Church

In this book lawyer and church historian Nicholas P.

22 Years Fusing Education and Faith: Andrews' Departing President Looks Back

Niels-Erik Andreasen took the president's chair at Andrews University in 1994, and in the subsequent decades worked to elevate the "life of the mind" and show how it can support and mature the "life of faith"  — not endanger it. In this exclusive and wide-ranging interview, he talks about the pressures on the university's finances, the diversity of an institution that educates a global church, and why Adventist education should expand even if the church cannot afford it.

The Adventist Podcast: Prohibition and Jazz

This episode of the Adventist Podcast explores the Adventist connections to the Prohibition movement and the contemporary jazz music of Eric Essix.  Richard Rice, Ph.D., discusses his recent Spectrum article Tempered Enthusiasm: Adventists and the Temperance Movement. Alabama Jazz Hall of Famer Eric Essix discusses what has driven him to record over 20 albums as well as the connections between art, spirituality, his Adventist heritage and social justice.

Music included:

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