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Viewpoint: Make 2017 the Adventist Year of Conscience and Religious Freedom

Five hundred years ago, as of 31 October, 2017, Martin Luther wrote his famous Ninety-five Theses to his ecclesiastical superiors in the university town of Wittenberg, Germany. He hoped to invite debate concerning the abusive practices of the church. It was his invitation for the church to reform according to the Scriptures. The document got Germany talking. And the Protestant Reformation was born.

How Tell the World, the Biggest Adventist Movie Ever, Got Made

Tell the World, the largest media production in the history of the church, has just been released to coincide with the October 22 anniversary of the Great Disappointment. Filmed in a pioneer village with a cast of nearly a hundred professional actors, the movie tells the story of the beginnings of the Adventist church.

Academic Freedom in the Context of Adventist Higher Education

The following in-depth look at academic freedom from one of Washington Adventist University's top academics was originally initiated for publication in Adventist Review. Excerpts from the article below have been printed, but the whole article has not appeared in print until now. -Ed

Disappointed by Scripture: October 22, 1844 and the Limits of Biblical Hermeneutics

Every year on October 22nd, Adventists recall th

"Unity in Mission" Will Fail and Here’s Why

Just as a prescription is as good as the diagnosis, solving an administrative problem depends upon an accurate understanding of what it is.  

Women Who Minister: The Life of a Commissioned Adventist Chaplain

The day began as most do. I arrived at the hospital where I serve as chaplain, aware that I was praying, “Lord, make me willing. Keep me available. Give me a voice and hands to serve you faithfully.”  This particular day did not end as most do.

Summer Reading Group: “God, Nihilism, and Flourishing”

This is the final post in a seven-part series for Spectrum’s 2016 Summer Reading Group.

International Day of the Girl Child, GC Annual Council, San Antonio, and Church Policy

October 11, 2016 was the day during the General Conference Executive Committee’s Annual Council that the committee voted a GC-initiated process for addressing compliance issues.

A View from the Streets

The Harbor of Hope Church in Benton Harbor, Michigan, has just moved into its own building, and celebrated its grand opening Sabbath in the former county health building with a pancake breakfast. Millennial Taurus Montgomery talks about his passion for community service, reaching young men, his new book and unorthodox ministry.

Pastoral Letters: Faith in the Context of Equality and Respect for All People

The document voted by the General Conference Executive Committee on October 11, 2016 outlined a process intended to create conformity with the General Conference's oppositional stance on Women's Ordination. Part of the process outlined in that document is the writing of "pastoral letters":

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