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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed Reviewed


Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, written by Kevin Miller and Ben Stein, begins with intense footage of the building of the Berlin Wall. As the introductory credits roll, the confusion and shock at the wall’s construction is made very real as several young boys kick around a ball. As the ball is kicked into the air it flies up and over the wall, apparently lost forever.

Spectrum Book Club on Prayer--All Welcome to Join the Discussion


I’ve always appreciated Philip Yancey’s books because he writes as a pilgrim, not a pastor. Not that I don’t appreciate pastoral perspectives, but often they seem to skip over the doubts, questions, and laments that I have.

New Movie Takes On "Big Science"

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A new movie called Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed advocates "intelligent design" and promotes itself as a film that uncovers the persecution of educators and scientists for challenging evolution. Starring Ben Stein as questioner - Michael Moore-style, except conservative - the movie banked $3.2 million on its opening weekend.

It has garnered plenty of criticism, and even a lawsuit from Yoko Ono who isn't happy about the movie's use of John Lennon's song "Imagine."

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day: or, Should You Seize the Day if it Requires You to be Immoral?

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Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is a rollicking adventure set in England in the days before World War Two. Guinevere Pettigrew (Frances McDormand) is a governess who finds herself out of work, again.

How the ‘West’ Was One


Darius Weems is just your average 15-year old teenager. He loves cracking jokes, kicking it with his friends, watching MTV and trying his hand at rapping from time to time. However, Darius deals with one thing on a daily basis that is far from the common teenage dilemma, Duchenne muscular dystrophy. It is a form of muscular dystrophy that is classified by the decreasing of muscle mass and function within male children.

The Man Who Planted Trees


True confessions. I write this more as an evangelist than a reviewer. Or perhaps like a lover who’s still crazy after all these years.

Book Club Selection: Prayer


Just a reminder that this month's book club selection is Prayer by Philip Yancey.

Film Club Selection: The Power of Forgiveness


Just a reminder that this month’s film club pick is The Power of Forgiveness, a documentary from the producers of Bonhoeffer. Here’s a short summary:

A Lawyer Speaks Out for the Vulnerable


Renee Battle-Brooks is chief of the Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Unit at the Prince George's County (Maryland) State's Attorney's Office. She spoke candidly to Spectrum about the tough cases she deals with every day and how frustrating the job can be. But she sees that believing in people empowers them, and she keeps on fighting.

Question: How long have you been in your job and what led up to it? How did you pick this area of work?

Charlton Heston: Complex Icon


Although we haven't addressed the passing of screen icons in this space before, when the man who represents the iconic Biblical character to many dies, it seems fitting to pay attention. Over at the Belief Net blog, Gareth Higgins has some interesting thoughts about this complex man and screen legend. Here are some excerpts:

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