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Alden Thompson Reflects on Changes in Adventism


Alden Thompson, professor of biblical studies at Walla Walla University, is a prolific writer, frequent speaker and long-time contributor to Spectrum. Here he talks to Spectrum about how he sees the Adventist church changing, and the conflict between liberal and conservative Adventism.

Question: You have been at the Walla Walla University School of Theology since 1970. What changes have you seen in Adventist thinking and Adventist theology in the last four decades?

Prince Caspian: Unexpected Blessings


I was very excited at the chance to write a review of the The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. It's a movie I had eagerly awaited ever since The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe had shown 18 months prior. In anticipation I re-read Prince Caspian just before opening day.

New Walter Utt Historical Novel Provides a Satisfying Conclusion


A generation of readers who enjoyed the historical novels of Walter Utt, the beloved Pacific Union College history professor who died in 1985, may be surprised at the appearance of No Peace for a Soldier, published recently by Pacific Press.

CUC's New President Talks About 'The Plan'


After lots of bad news from Columbia Union College over the past several years, new president Weymouth Spence has announced sweeping changes on the campus in a document approved at the March 5 Board meeting and known as The Plan.

Reminder: The Meaning of Jesus and Jesus of Montreal Coming Up for Discussion

meaning of jesus.jpg

Just a reminder of this month's book and film club discussion selections. In keeping with the quarterly's focus, we're choosing a book and a film about Jesus. Please encourage friends, family, Sabbath School class members--anyone you think might be interested--to join us.

May 2008 (Discussion starts June 2)

Filmmaker Martin Doblmeier Talks About Forgiveness


Documentary filmmaker Martin Doblmeier made a film last year called The Power of Forgiveness that won critical acclaim - and got people talking. The film examines the role forgiveness can play in alleviating anger and grief, as well as the physical, mental and spiritual benefits that come with forgiveness. The Power of Forgiveness won Best Film award at the Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival in 2007.

Doblmeier talked to Spectrum about the impact the film has had.

Film Club Discussion on The Power of Forgiveness


In 1998 there were only a handful of studies researching the subject of forgiveness. By 2005 that number had climbed to 950. The Power of Forgiveness, the latest documentary from Martin Doblmeier, traces the growing scientific interest in forgiveness during these years, ironically reflecting my own journey in those same years as I developed my own expertise on the subject, not so much from studying it at Seminary, preaching it as a pastor, or being such a generous giver of it as much as from making life decisions that made me desperately aware of how much I longed to receive it.

Testament: A Fictional Look at Jesus


Testament is a gorgeously written re-telling of the story of Jesus of Nazareth — not the story of the divine Son of God, but of a compelling and complex human being in first-century Galilee. The story is told in four parts from the perspective of four different characters — Judas Iscariot, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of Jesus, and an extra-Biblical character of the author’s own invention, Simon of Gergesa.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed Reviewed


Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, written by Kevin Miller and Ben Stein, begins with intense footage of the building of the Berlin Wall. As the introductory credits roll, the confusion and shock at the wall’s construction is made very real as several young boys kick around a ball. As the ball is kicked into the air it flies up and over the wall, apparently lost forever.

Spectrum Book Club on Prayer--All Welcome to Join the Discussion


I’ve always appreciated Philip Yancey’s books because he writes as a pilgrim, not a pastor. Not that I don’t appreciate pastoral perspectives, but often they seem to skip over the doubts, questions, and laments that I have.

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