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New Film Follows Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Final Chapter

Gary Blount, psychiatrist-turned-producer, has created a remarkable new film about the last days of Dietrich Bonhoeffer in a Nazi concentration camp, told through the eyes of a British broadcast team.

The Judicial Dilemma: How the Church Works – And How It Gets Worked

At the outset of a study of church structure it is good to recall some facts as to what the church is and where it comes from. It is God who calls the church into being. It is made up of those who respond to His call, who then become the church. We neither create nor form the church. Rather we become the church. Thus, the structures we may form around the functions in which the church engages, are not the church. Rather, they are structures and institutions which assist the church in doing what God has called it to do, and as such are human institutions.

Adventist Chaplain Terry Rice Waits “Indefinitely” for Church Endorsement

Terry Rice, hospice chaplain in Walla Walla, Washington, finds his career on hold because the Adventist church has so far refused to acknowledge his calling through ordination.

Question: You are a chaplain for a hospice in Walla Walla, Washington. How long have you been working as a chaplain? 

Promoting Women's Rights

Sylvia Hordosch tries to reconcile her work for the United Nations pushing for gender equality and her heritage in the Adventist church where women are still not given the same opportunities as men.

Do You See Me?

My two-year-old daughter interrupts me from my keening at the computer to say, "Please read me a book." She has selected Rotten Island by William Steig. We have tried reading it before, but it was a little complex for her and she lost interest. This time, she sits, riveted by all those colorful monsters.

Young Adventist Voices: Election Day in the USA

In an experimental series for Spectrum Media, Alexander Carpenter has produced a series of videos titled Young Adventists Speak.

The series highlights the voices of Adventist students, scholars, musicians and others highlighting the intersections of faith, history and politics.

 In conjunction with the opening of the Desmond Doss biopic Hacksaw Ridge, the series began with Ronald Osborn's overview of the shifting history of Adventists and war. 

Dare to Be a Desmond

The following sermon was preached by Jeff Gang for a worship service at Southern Adventist University’s Homecoming weekend in the

Don't Miss It: Hacksaw Ridge Producer Explains Why Not

Hacksaw Ridge, the much-anticipated Hollywood film starring Andrew Garfield as famous Adventist soldier Desmond Doss, comes out this weekend. In an exclusive interview with Spectrum, filmmaker Terry Benedict, who produced the film, talks about his relationship with Doss, his 2004 documentary The Conscientious Objector, and why Adventists should take a trip to the cinema.

Spencerville Sabbath Worship and the Unity Discussions: Two Different Planets

On Sabbath (October 29), I attended church at the Spencerville Seventh-day Adventist Church in Maryland.  The day before, I attended the North American Division Year-end Meeting in the General Conference building.  The two spaces are just a few miles apart as the crow flies. I might as well have been on two different planets. 

Viewpoint: Make 2017 the Adventist Year of Conscience and Religious Freedom

Five hundred years ago, as of 31 October, 2017, Martin Luther wrote his famous Ninety-five Theses to his ecclesiastical superiors in the university town of Wittenberg, Germany. He hoped to invite debate concerning the abusive practices of the church. It was his invitation for the church to reform according to the Scriptures. The document got Germany talking. And the Protestant Reformation was born.

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