Perspective: A Vision for Unity-building at Annual Council 2016

Here is a vision for how the 2016 GC Annual Council could achieve consensus concerning Adventist ordination and credentialing policy. Adventists globally can embrace a dynamic and Spirit-led model of mission and ministry that incorporates a renewed and revitalizing ordination and credentialing policy as a vital element of the overall mission. Such a vision will require an intentional strategy.

Summer Reading Group: “Religious Exclusivism and Political Pluralism”

This is the sixth post in a seven-part series for Spectrum’s 2016 Summer Reading Group.

Perspective: A Pocket Guide to the Christian Use of Power

 A Pocket Guide to the Christian Use of Power

The Making of a Minister: A Theology Student Shares Her Story

Darnisha Thomas — who is studying for the final year of her master's program at the Theological Seminary at Andrews — recalls the road to pastoral ministry, from meeting role models to recognizing God's call to rebuffing naysayers. "Some of us have been fighting God’s call, but God continues to place that burden of ministry in our hearts, and at some point we have no other choice but to go and to follow," she says.

Why Are We Losing Our Young People? A Millennial Litany

Written by a millennial about church conditions: "Unity," A litany based on a whiny peasant.

LEADER: May we continue to discriminate against women without theological foundation for the sake of unity.

PEOPLE: Why are we losing young people?

LEADER: Let us make the literal six day creation a sacrament.

PEOPLE: Why are we losing young people?

LEADER: May we preoccupy ourselves with remnant theology in order that we may emphasize inquisition rather than acceptance, purification rather than love.

PEOPLE: Why are we losing young people?

The Basic Fault of the Unity Document

Jared Wright has pointed out certain statements in the unity document that should be omitted because they imply that the action taken by some unions are satanically inspired. And probably we can continue to find other statements of that sort. However, it seems to me that the statement would otherwise be valid in enforcing unity if it pertained to a legitimate principle regarding worldwide unity.

The Church in Crisis: The Religionless Christianity of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

In the final two years of his life, Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote several letters from Tegel prison to his friend Eberhard Bethge in which he spoke of the need for what he referred to as a “religionless Christianity.” “I shall not come out of here a homo religiosus!,” he declared vehemently in a note dated November 21, 1943.  “My fear and distrust of ‘religiosity’ have become greater than ever here.  The fact that the Israelites never&nbs

A Response to William Johnsson’s One Project Concerns (And Some Concerns of My Own)

I’ve been to the One project three times, in Atlanta, Seattle, and Chicago. However, I haven’t attended since retiring from the White Estate three+ years ago. Though I didn’t find the One project splendid in every way as did my good friend William Johnsson (see "the One project: Why I'm Mad"), neither did I find it the hotbed of iniquity described by some of our Adventist brothers and sisters.

Adventist Author Charles Mills Finds Joy in Adventures

Prolific writer of Christian fiction Charles Mills talks about the reprint of his children's book series, where Adventist publishing is headed, research in Bozeman, and the micro-second attention spans of today's young readers.

Urban Gardens and Bicycle Clinics

Elizabeth Lanning, 31, has started an NGO in Manila, helping communities grow urban gardens and get medical care delivered by bicycle. She talks about being inspired by her father, cultivating relationships, and Project Propel’s next programs.

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