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New Guide Editor Says Church Must Work Together For Good of Young People

New Guide editor Kathy Beagles Coneff talks about changing the magazine to keep it the same and the importance of church departments pooling resources as the church struggles to reach young teens in an age of social media.

Why I Am More Spiritual Than Religious

When I tell other Adventists that I am more spiritual than religious, I sometimes feel like a walking cliché. When I read Lillian Daniel’s article, "Spiritual But Not Religious? Please Stop Boring Me," this feeling only amplified. But while Daniel complains that people who claim to be “spiritual but not religious” only seem to find God in sunsets and mountains, I disagree.

Drop the Mic: Reincarnating the Adventist Faith Part 1

Then Toto Pulled Back the Curtain . . .

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. The Great and Powerful Oz has spoken.”

Celebrating 70 Years Married, and a Lifetime of Service

Russell and Phyllis Staples look back on long careers spent serving the church and educating students in South Africa, Zimbabwe and the US.

The West Coast Religion Teachers Conference: A Model for the Church

The 2017 conference in the context of a 45-year history.

When I Fell in Love Outside of Adventism

Growing up as a Seventh-day Adventist, I knew my parents wanted two things from me: to become a doctor and to marry an Adventist doctor. Personally, I thought it would be easy to marry someone of the same faith since I have attended Adventist schools all my life. As it turned out, my parents did not get either of their wishes since I’m an English and Communications major, and I am dating an ex-Catholic pre-med student. In a way, I guess they got half their wish.

A Missionary Legacy Started With Steamship Love Letters

Remembering Roy E. Brooks and his family’s extraordinary mission service.

Roy E. Brooks could be described as the quintessential Seventh-day Adventist missionary.

Born to British missionary parents, Brooks grew up speaking fluent English and Spanish in Argentina. He moved to the United States for his university studies and, after getting married, served as a missionary in Uruguay and Argentina. He also worked for years at Loma Linda University in California and served a stint as South American Division treasurer.

Bible App for the Marginalized to Launch in June

Crystal Cheatham—writer, entrepreneur and Andrews grad—is working to create a hub for progressive Christians who may have felt excluded and judged by more traditional, conservative spaces.

Exchanges Down Under Part 1: Hospitality

Meditations on what I’m being taught by spending a year away from my family and community on a professorial exchange between Avondale College and Southern Adventist University.

On Being Fat

The pastor I worked with during my ministerial internship was one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever known. I came to ministry lacking, I think, a natural aptitude for the job. Even after a college degree, I was mostly clueless about how to be a pastor. Bob was my first role model. He was an excellent preacher, planner, writer,  and communicator. In the days before computers made audio-visual easy, he created amazing presentations with multiple slide and movie projectors synced with music and narration.

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