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Committed to Memory

Our global story is not yet completed,
Crime, daring, commerce, chatter will go on,
But, as narrators find their memory gone,
Homeless, disterred, these know themselves defeated.
— W. H. Auden, XVI from “Sonnets from China”

Light in the Darkness

It seems clear at the outset, that the Gospel of John sets about to establish a theme of Light vs. Darkness as he introduces the reader to his best friend – who just happens to be the God of the universe. Yes, yes, I know. We all are trained to say that Jesus is our best friend. This idea is celebrated even in our songs, such as the line in the old hymn, “He will hear you when you call, he will help you when you fall. O the best friend to have is Jesus.”

The Convenience of Compassion

Earlier this year in June, in my home town of London, a tragedy occurred for which the current death toll stands at 80 people, but the reality is that many more are still missing. The tragedy I am speaking of is the Grenfell Tower fire.

"Dear God, I Am Angry! A Prayer from the Charlottesville Seventh-day Adventist Church"

A note from author John Thacker:

I originally wrote this prayer for the Sabbath morning service on August 10, reflecting on the coming protest in our town. When I was writing on Friday evening and Sabbath morning, I had no idea that our Pastor Daniel Xisto, along with those at a prayer vigil near the University of Virginia, were already being terrorized by a torch-carrying mob.

The Social Gospel According to the Woman at the Well

A year ago, I was able to travel with a couple of colleagues to Flint, Michigan, to distribute water in response to the water crisis. I never realized the necessity of water until educating myself about the crisis. The residents of Flint were only allotted one case of water per person every day at the water distribution area at the fire station.

Book Review: The Struggle for the Prophetic Heritage by Gilbert Valentine

Gilbert M. Valentine, The Struggle for the Prophetic Heritage: Issues in the Conflict for Control of the Ellen G. White Publications, 1930-1939.

From Felicity to Trinity

Thirty-five years ago, I learned the word felicity when I found Jane Austen in the “A” section in fiction at the Loma Linda University library. Austen’s stories motivated me to look up this word since she frequently used it in her stories.

“Felicity" is a term for happiness that was used, apparently, in English a couple hundred years ago,  I discovered.

The Art of Biblical Feasting

For Douglas E. Neel, biblical feasting began as a tradition that followed Saturday confirmation services at his Episcopal Church in Dallas. After a ten-week period of confirmation classes, students would have the option to affirm their faith by baptism or confirmation in a special Saturday service. “One of the great highlights of the day was lunch,” according to Neel.

Our Buried Life

But often, in the world's most crowded streets,
But often, in the din of strife,
There rises an unspeakable desire
After the knowledge of our buried life;
A thirst to spend our fire and restless force
In tracking out our true, original course;
A longing to inquire

Book Review: An Unhurried Leader

“I’m a recovering speed addict—and I don’t mean the drug. I’m talking about the inner pace of my life. I always seemed to be in a hurry. I was the guy who looked for the fastest-moving lane on the freeway, the shortest checkout line at the grocery store and the quickest way to finish a job. It’s probably pathological. But, like you, I also live in a hurried culture. I’m not the only one trying to get there more quickly and do things faster. In fact, there is little incentive out there to slow down.

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