A Crick in My Neck: Prayer As Authentic Voice

Continuing Spectrum’s series on the Spirituality of Parenting, Joelle Chase picks up where she left off (see her previous post, Beyond All Odds: Prayer As Silence, here), finding yet another way to pray through her father’s cavernous malformation (abnormally formed blood vessels, leaking blood) in his brain stem.

Beyond All Odds: Prayer As Silence

As a part of our series on the Spirituality of Parenting, Joelle Chase reflects on a time when her knowing of earthly and heavenly fathers’ vulnerability coincided.

Light in Darkness

Author Erin Gray shares insights into the work of bees as metaphor for the spirituality of parenting.

Father Fails into Grace

Continuing our theme Spirituality of Parenting, Michael Bennie, a father of three daughters, offers a reflection on how becoming a parent changed everything.

She came like a pearl from the oyster, a glistening gem wrested from blood and tangled tissue. Her life begun, our life-as-before ended. What had God wrought?

Suddenly, I was more like God than ever before—I had co-created this miraculous being! She needed me, trusted me, belonged to me, reflected me. Along with her mommy, I was her source, her sustenance. Maker and protector.

Holy Meconium

For the months of May and June, Spectrum's Spirituality section will feature moms and dads exploring the spirituality of parenting. We begin with this reflection by Sarah Fusté, honoring the sacrality of motherhood, even in dirty diapers.

Just imagine this: a young woman is visited by a celestial being who tells her she will conceive the Son of God. Without any of the usual sweaty, earthy exchanges, the Most High “overshadows” her and she becomes pregnant. For forty weeks, or perhaps the rest of her life, she is left to wonder over this mystery.

Hopeful Discontent: Tracing Spirituality in Christian History with Diana Butler Bass

Joelle Chase interviews Diana Butler Bass, Christian historian and author of numerous books, including Christianity After Religion: The End of Church and the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening and A People’s History of Christianity: The Other Side of the Story.

Markings of Maturity

Biographical Sketch

Born in Jonkoping, Sweden, 29 July, 1905 Dag Hammarskjold was the fourth and youngest son of Agnes and Hjalmar Hammarskjold. His father, Prime Minister of Sweden, was heavily occupied in state affairs, causing a two month delay for his baptism and naming. At that time he became: Dag Hjalmar Agne Carl Hammarskjold.


two thousand years ago,
they expected a royal messiah,
but he came as a carpenter

two thousand years ago,
they expected him to judge sinners,
but he washed their feet

in Jerusalem
they expected a coronation,
but they attended a crucifixion

in the garden
they expected a beloved corpse,
but they found an empty tomb

right now
they expect condemnation
let us show compassion

right now
they expect self-righteousness
let us be humble

right now
they expect judgement
let us love

Resurrection: A Threatening Comfort

Richard Rohr’s latest book, Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self, is a rare companion for the Easter to Pentecost season. Few have written about this liturgical period in such depth, often focusing on what the resurrection means for end-times and eternal bliss.

Waiting for God

Just last week I was watering my indoor plants and inspecting a late summer acquisition from the bargain rack of my local nursery. I can’t resist rescuing these orphans and trying my hand at coaxing them back to life.  “This one's doing pretty well,” I noted, spying a few new green leaves. “But what is this bump on the leaf?” I inspected the leaf more closely and found that it was a butterfly chrysalis. After scouring butterfly books, I discovered that it was the chrysalis of the Cabbage White, a rather mundane denizen of agricultural fields and also of my garden.

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