Why I’m a Feminist (and Hope My Daughter Will Be One, Too)

Stitched across the front of the onesie was the slogan: Daddy’s Little Feminist. “Okay, that’s pretty awesome,” my husband said. We were about to have a baby girl, and we had been inundated with pink, pink, pink, and with princesses. Here was the antidote, available in sensible black or white. We didn’t buy it—we had too many onesies already—but the phrase resonated.

Permaculture as Spirituality

This is my liturgical calendar, my rhythm of worship and practice and remembrance—the seasons, solstices, cadences of sunshine and rain. My faith is informed by observing and interacting with the patterns and dynamics of nature. [i]Life, death, life again. Always again … life. Eating, being eaten, transformation of light into sugar and detritus into nutrients. Nothing goes to waste. This is a story of resurrection.

An Invitation to Write: Spirituality Blog

Spectrum seeks submissions for our Spirituality blog.

A broad definition of spirituality: the human act of seeking after and experiencing God or the sacred.

Personal reflections or reviews along these themes are suggested:

·      Spirituality books or authors

·      Spiritual practices (e.g. prayer, formation, celebration, Sabbath, etc.)

·      Intersection of individual and communal spirituality

I Want to Be a Bride

Whoa-up, there, horsey! You’re movin’ too fast. I had another birthday four days after Christmas.

My parents called to send their good wishes. Four-year-old Max, looking for his grandpa, had said, “Where is that old man?” My mum laughed when she realized he was talking about her husband. “When your own parents are 87 years old, you feel young,” she said, adding, “But thirty-something was a great year.”

I appreciate her perspective, as I start to notice my own fine lines and marvel that my girl is about to turn 5 and my husband and I look like babies in our wedding photos.

Two Poems for the Beginning Time

Begin Again (a villanelle)

There comes a time when
you must shatter shell;
you begin again.

Egg was good, but you’ve a yen
for life after the cradle.
There comes a time when

beckons world beyond your ken.
To remain would be fatal.
You begin again.

Peck a crack in prison
and inhale for a yell.
There comes a time when

wings of borning raven
grow cramped until
you begin again.

Follow the Star

The Bible. It's a sacred, if not holy word for many, denoting the collection of books which comprise both the Old and New Testaments for Christian believers. Spanning thousands of years of religious history and ancient wisdom, it is the foundation for many whose lives are anchored in its words. And with Christmas Day upon us, one story in particular becomes more and more of a present reality for believers around the world: the birth of Christ.

4th Sunday of Advent: The Daily Arrival of Christ

Update: Audio for Jim Knipper's homily is also available. Click here to listen.

As we light our fourth Advent candle, this season of waiting and hoping and preparation comes quickly to close with Christmas just a few days away.

Or does it? 

Searching for Peace in the Not-So-Silent-Night

My dad typically only wore his suit jacket to church twice a year – on Easter and Christmas. On those two days, my younger sister and I would always be sure to sit on either side of him.

Just like Frosty’s hat, there must have been some magic in those suit jacket pockets, for at Easter they were filled with black jelly beans and at Christmas – miniature candy canes.

Birth Giver: A Video Reflection for Advent


blessed are the visionaries,
who agreed to My foresight,
and kept eyes for this day;
the yet-to-be has been their company.

blessed is the light-bearer, 
the host who agreed to My Spirit,
who carried My Light in darkness;
we will birth together, and our child will carry My torch.

Walk in the Light

This sermon was delivered Sunday, December 1, 2013 at the Marcellus and Wakelee United Methodist Churches (Kalamazoo District, West Michigan Conference). The Revised Common Lectionary texts for Year A, First Sunday of Advent were Isaiah 2:1-5, Psalm 122, and Romans 13:11-14.

My favorite part of Advent is the candles. Seriously. I think we do not have enough holidays that involve candles. They’re pretty awesome.

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