A Story of Thanksgiving

Each of us have choices to make each day. Do we help someone in need? Do we do nothing but protect ourselves against hurt and needing help? Are we self-absorbed at the expense of others who need us?

Poems on Birds

I have been reading Jonathan Weisner's beautiful book, The Beak of the Finch, listening to sandhill cranes' rusty calls as they fly overhead, and watching starling murmurations. Questions flutter and peck at my mind. What would it be like to live so authentically, so true to my inherent identity, as a bird lives its own instinctual and evolving life?

Millennials’ Relationship with the Church: It’s Complicated

Being the only millennial in my office means I get asked a lot of questions that I’m “supposed” to know the answers to. These questions run the gamut from technology-related woes that are easily answered to more complex issues such as “how do we engage Millennials in the church?”

This I believe...or think I believe!

I must say I am puzzled by Paul’s assertion to Timothy that “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16 NKJV). This is particularly bewildering when the church fathers had not gotten around to deciding which writings would be included in both the Old and New Testament canons! Much of the New Testament had not at this point even been written. I guess I should say I am curious how this text is applied to selected scriptures of the past and scriptures not yet written!

Pastoral Rant: Coddling When We Should Be Challenging

The following was written in a moment of frustration, and this rant is just that—a rant. It isn’t intended to be a blanket statement on the state of the church. It is just one pastor’s inner thoughts.

The Gospel of The Disappointment

October 22, this year and every year--a teachable moment for those who have lived in hope for something that hasn’t yet happened.

Today is the 170th anniversary of what Adventists and the progeny of the religious movements that grew from the teachings of William Miller euphemistically call “The Great Disappointment."  Talk about an understatement. It was closer to “The Great Annihilation of Hope,” or “The Great Theological Mistake Big Enough to End the Whole Discussion” or “The Great Challenge that If It Doesn’t Break You Will Make You Stronger.”

I Am the Church

Nadia Bolz-Weber is founding pastor of House for All Sinners and Saints Church in Denver, Colorado. When asked to speak about the "issue of homosexuality," she turned over the platform to members of her congregation.

Jihad: Attending a Christian University

Every religion has different daily struggles. Sometimes, those struggles increase with time and become struggles for the religion as one group of people. Albeit, without these struggles what would the differences between religions be? Christians have their own set of struggles, as do Muslims. And, as a voice for the Muslim community, my jihad—my struggle—is to acknowledge these difficulties.  

The Best and Sweetest Thing I've Ever Heard

It must be close to 20 years ago now that I attended the 50th birthday party of a college friend of mine. He was a junior my freshman year at Andrews, a campus leader fully engaged in the social, intellectual and religious life of our college. I didn’t stay in touch as the years p

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