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The Prophetic Calling of Jeremiah

Sabbath School Commentary for discussion on Sabbath, October 3, 2015


Jeremiah 1 opens this epic work by introducing Jeremiah to the reader. His time and location, as well as his task and personality, will receive attention. In this way Jeremiah 1 presents the framework for the entire book. The following building blocks form this unit:

Mission and Message


Mission drift is the natural course for industries and organizations. Having a clear founding identity and purpose, having zeal for the cause, and even having prophetic writings at your disposal are insufficient safeguards to prevent mission drift. It takes focused attention to sustain your mission.

Mission will naturally inform an organization’s message. So if the mission has drifted, so has the message.


Paul: Background and Call

Sabbath School Commentary for discussion on Sabbath, September 12, 2015

If awards were given for the inspired writers of Scripture, Paul would be nominated and likely win in quite a few categories: Most Prolific, Most Foreign Mission Trips, Most Amazing Conversion Story, just to name a hypothetical few. From what Paul reveals in Scripture of his character, however, he would likely demur all these awards. He is, as he states in Romans 1:1, a slave of Jesus Christ. Not a prizewinner for Christ. Enslaved to Him.

Who or What Is a Missionary?

Sabbath School Commentary for discussion on Sabbath, September 5, 2015

Peter and the Pagans

Sabbath School Commentary for discussion on Sabbath, August 30, 2015

Cross Cultural Mission

Sabbath School Commentary for discussion on Sabbath, August 22, 2015

Jesus the Missionary: Startling, Intriguing, Shocking, Inspiring

Sabbath School Lesson Commentary for Lesson #7 (August 15, 2015)

Jesus was certainly the “Master of Missions,” to use the title for this lesson in the standard adult quarterly. But he earned that label by coming in the back door, not the front. By the time he returned to his Father he had surprised everyone.

Esther as Missionary

Sabbath School Commentary for discussion on Sabbath, August 8, 2015

Esther is a book that captures the imagination.

I say this without hard data, without the studies that link Esther and theological imagination, but I can speak to my own experience as a young girl. I was fascinated with the idea of Esther—a young woman who won a beauty pageant of sorts, but who was really an undercover secret agent on a mission from God.

Exiles as Missionaries

A number of years ago, I sat glued to my television as two stories of human tragedy were unfolded during a morning chat show. A woman recounted how her child was murdered and described the personal devastation that followed. Twenty years later, she was increasingly consumed with anger and bitterness and forced to rely on sleeping tablets.

The Son of Amittai

Sabbath School Commentary for discussion on July 25, 2015.

The main reason my wife and I recently moved from the East Coast back to the West Coast was to be near our children, and especially our young granddaughter. I am hoping that as she grows more comfortable being around me, I can tell her some stories that will rival her current interest in, and love for, Disney's Frozen.

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