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Sabbath School

The Pre-advent Judgement – A Sure Outcome

Nearly two years ago my Aunt adopted a little girl who has become an integral part of our family. This summer, as part of the legal process of adoption, the family attended a celebration hearing where the judge declared that she was an official part of the family and gave documents to my cousin and her ‘forever family.’ It was not lost on me that the last time I had been in a similar courtroom it had been a fear-inspiring experience; the judgement had been uncertain.

Christ Our High Priest

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain where our forerunner, Jesus, has entered on our behalf.

Reflections on Christ, Law, and Sacrifice


Editor’s Note: This week’s SS lesson is about Christ our Sacrifice, a topic that commands consideration of the requirements of the law. In the upcoming fall issue of Spectrum, Ivan Blazen makes the case for Christ our Law. What follows is an excerpt from that article. To read the entire article, be sure your membership/subscription to the Spectrumjournal is current. The issue will be mailed the first week of December.

Getting Our Goat

With the Day of Atonement as the subject for our lesson this week, it is time to consider the meaning of the two goats,  ask who is Azazel, look at what comes after forgiveness and talk about the role of the community in restoration of a right relationship with God. 
Leviticus 16 describes in detail the procedures and animals associated with the ancient Day of Atonement:  the bull that is sacrificed for the sins of the priest, the goat that is chosen and on whom the sins of Israel are placed before he is lead out into the wilderness.

The Sanctuary: Sandbox Illustration or Heuristic Vision

God's task was to bring eternal spiritual realities into the lives of the Israelites so that those realities concretely shaped their lives. Heaven was to come down, heaven's business, heaven's concerns,

The Gifts of the Spirit vs. the Demands of IBMTE

This week’s Sabbath School lesson is on sacrifice, which is also about gifts—that which we offer to others. In this commentary, adapted from Spectrum 30-2 (Spring 2002), A. Greg Schneider relates the sacrifices that teachers and others have made—how they have shaped his life, and those of many others.

Good News from the Sanctuary in Heaven: God's Continuing Initiative

This week's Sabbath School commentary is taken from Spectrum 14-1 (August 1983), and is written by Fritz Guy, research professor of philosophical theology at the HMS Richards Divinity School at La Sierra University. The article originated 30 years ago in the aftermath of the Desmond Ford controversy.


The Jerusalem Temple in Its Ancient Near Eastern Context

This week's Sabbath School Commentary is taken with permission from "The Sanctuary and the Atonement," 1989, by the Biblical Research Institute.








The theme of this week’s lesson, “The Promised Revival: God’s Mission Completed,” provides us with an opportunity to reflect on what it might mean for God’s Spirit to be poured out on God’s people, the community of believers that is the Body of Christ before a watching world.

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