Sabbath School

What's the Risk?

The Adult SS Guide has given us a galaxy to contemplate, not only one star—all focusing on our Lord’s mediatorial work as the Grace Giver.

This week we look again at that sad, distraught victim of womanhood who had tried everything that medicine had suggested for at least 12 years. She had been living with that dread word, “incurable.” She had heard and seen the many who praised this remarkable Galilean who had been doing wonders for others, and the wild thought came to her: “Is there any hope for me?”

“Something in This Room Stinks!”

Zechariah’s vision of the High Priest dressed in ‘filthy garments’ may be one of the best cliché busting scenes in the entire Bible.  Yet, Adventist readers may find themselves quite impervious to its power.  We have known this scene from childhood.  The phrase, ‘filthy garments’ lives in our brains like so many other Bible verses nearly worn-out through vain repetition.

No Better than a Flower?

"As long as there are cold and nakedness in the land around you, so long can there be no question at all but that splendor of dress is a crime." John Ruskin

Does clothing make the man, or woman?  Should it?


Sheltered in God’s Wings

Icarus fell from the sky for the wings he wore were made of wax;  the sun melted them, and he plummeted to his death.

A Fallen Hero, A Hardened Sinner – and Grace


For those drawn to the gentle figure of Jesus, violent Elijah is a jarring contrast. Though he had help corralling the 450 prophets of Baal after Yahweh’s victory on Mt. Carmel, Scripture gives Elijah himself full credit for the slaughter.

But however squeamish we may feel about Elijah’s violent deeds, both in Christianity and in Judaism he was to be a key figure in ushering in the kingdom of God. In short, he is one of the good guys.

Retro-fitting Ancient Priestly Garments of Grace


Christians are quick to stitch together interpretations regarding priestly garments designed and described for the most part in the Old Testament. It is a time-tested tradition woven together with the help of New Testament priestly imagery especially from the book of Hebrews. But the New Testament has little interest in the attire the new high priest (Jesus) wears; the Old Testament cares a lot about priestly garments and the details surrounding them.

Watching Joseph Change His Clothing

Clothing signifies.  Beyond covering our nakedness, and providing protection from the elements, what we wear gives clues to gender, status, profession, attitude, age, personality, culture, and often even one’s current mood.

The Greatest of These: A Garment of Mercy

I anticipated the students’ annoyance.  In the classroom, I was prepared to perform the dual roles of devil’s advocate and referee.  Though unsurprised by the response to the play’s ending, I still was secretly pleased that some members of the class had changed their minds.  Their initial assessment about the central character had been challenged; however there was significant evidence that he had redeemed himself.

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