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How To Be Saved

The question of how do I be saved has always puzzled humanity. The roadmap to salvation is twisted and filled with obstacles when we keep focusing on how we get saved as opposed to who saves.

Our self-help shelves at the bookstore are booming with solutions on how to become a better parent, how to be successful in business, how to save your marriage, how to get fit, how to lose weight: the list of How To programs is extensive.


Leading Question: What do Jesus and Gospels tell us about salvation before Jesus died on the cross?

Given the strong emphasis on substitutionary theology in evangelical circles, a position which sees the death of Christ as essential in the salvation process, it is instructive to note the teachings of Jesus on the theme of “salvation,” teachings which would have been given before he died to pay the price for our sin. 

The Holy Spirit: Feelings or Faith

At least since the mid-1970’s, nearly all Adventists in the developed world have enjoyed a relatively sound understanding of Justification by Faith; at the same time, most of us have not been quite as well-informed with respect to Sanctification—a doctrine which treads close to the old canard that anyone who cares about personal holiness or who possesses close lifestyle scruples must, by definition, be considered a legalist.


Leading Questions: Why is it so hard today for some to see Jesus as God incarnate and why was it so hard for the Jews in Jesus’ day?

Why it is hard in our day...


Our Father which art in heaven . . . (Matt. 6:9, KJV)

Father . . . (Luke 11:2, RSV, NIV)

“We want to learn to pray,” said one of Jesus’ disciples. “Can you help us – like John helped his disciples?”

“Sure!”  responded Jesus.  “When you pray, start like this: ‘Dear Dad.’”

Confidence In The Father

The first sentence of this quarter’s Sabbath School lesson also captures the most important point about Jesus’ teaching about God the Father: “Jesus delighted to speak of God as the Father.” We as Christians today can’t really recapture how shocking this must have been to His audiences. All our knowledge of Jesus and of Christianity is grounded in our confidence in His claim to have been the Son of God, so much so that we cannot, no matter how hard we try, recapture the original mindset of the Judeans of Jesus’ time.

Christ's Kingdom, Laws, and Ordination

A kingdom without a law would be an oxymoron, as is the notion of a ruler without rules.  All communities and all relationships require guiding and defining principles to maintain health and vitality.  Properly understood, law is life.  Even secular scientists understand that all living things can only continue to function as they abide by various natural and physical laws.  The same is true of our moral natures, as moral disharmony will lead to conflict and eventually death. 

Christ and the Law

For many years, there was never a problem in comparing Christ and the Law—one was a reflection of the other. Careful Adventists would say no one can present the law without the gospel, or the gospel without the law, especially when one understands the Great Controversy theme and what God wants to achieve in His plan of salvation.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Acts 10

Verses 1-8 Hitherto none had been baptized into the Christian church but Jews, Samaritans, and those converts who had been circumcised and observed the ceremonial law; but now the Gentiles were to be called to partake all the privileges of God's people, without first becoming Jews. Pure and undefiled religion is sometimes found where we least expect it. Wherever the fear of God rules in the heart, it will appear both in works of charity and of piety, neither will excuse from the other.

No Sabbath School Commentary This Week

We apologize that there is no commentary this week. The person who had agreed to write this week's commentary was deeply involved in the meeting of the Theology of Ordination Study Committee and was consequently was unable to write an essay.

Normal service will resume next week.

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