Sabbath School

Extraordinary Ordinaries

“Eeeh, Eeeh, Eeeh, Eeeh,” the car horn blared madly.


The elderly woman lay crumpled on the hilly San Francisco street.  A hysteric crowd encircled her while someone shouted, “Call an ambulance, quick!”  Minutes later the limp body was rushed to the hospital. 

Although unable to communicate, the 78 year old Seventh-day Adventist matron strikingly recalled a decades-old conversation in the quiet of the hospital room.

“The work is making wonderful progress, isn’t it?”

The Discipled A Discipler


Evangelism and witnessing are technical words used to portray the way a Christian shares his/her faith. The Great Commission, Matthew 28.19-20, provides a rubric for conceptualising these acts in a unique way: through a paradigm of discipleship.

Immortality: Programmed or Promised

TIME magazine had an extraordinary statement on the cover of its February 21, 2011, issue – ¨2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal.¨ This prediction was based on the merger of the human brain and a computer.  Computer technology was described as developing at such a phenomenal rate that computers could accomplish in just one hour what had previously taken their entire 90 year history to do.  This suggested to many scientists around the world that computers were developing an “intelligence” (

Pride and Prejudice and Patriarchs

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen (or her characters) may be called upon to provide wit and wisdom on nearly any topic.  (“Wisdom is better than wit, and in the long run will certainly have the laugh on her side.”)  She offers her opinion on many subjects of interest to Adventists, including health food (“It's been many years since I had such an exemplary vegetable.”), the beauty of Nature (“What are men to rocks and mountains?”), and dancing(“Every savage can dance.”) But can the estimable Miss Austen shed light on the lov

God As Artist


My husband, Kyle, dips his brush into a carefully balanced blend of Cadmium Red and Hooker’s Green. He slides the brush across a white canvas, leaving a dark, reddish-brown streak. That streak will soon be joined by others. Other colours and other sizes, applied in a deceptively random looking fashion until, when he’s finished, the canvas will sport an easily recognizable image.

He is an artist. He is creating.

Not in the same way that God created a living, feeling world, of course, but in the same spirit.

"Of Prayer" by John Calvin

50. But although it has been said above, (sec.

Creation Care or Could Care-less?

The Collision (or Cooperation?) of Evangelism, Compassion, Environment and Apocalypse

This week’s lesson on God and creation care grapples with a complex set of theological and sociological conundrums. Our commitment to proclamation of the gospel, anticipation of the coming of Christ, and theological understanding of our world’s destruction in final judgment, collides with the expression of God’s character in His creation and our responsibility for care of the environment and humanity.

Let Us Not Be Practical

This week, as something a little different, we have a video commentary, by Dennis Meier.

For author commentary, click here.

My Reflections on God as Lawgiver

God is extolled in Scripture as a lawgiver:  “For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; it is he who will save us.”  Is. 33:12 NIV. 

The law of God can be compared to safety concerns that bracket in time a fatal car wreck that occurs at an unmarked intersection.  A benevolent concern for others is a universal sentiment that precedes the car wreck, but placement of the stop sign follows the car wreck.  Law precedes sin and sin precedes law.

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