"An Exact Transcription of God’s Very Words": A Review of Batchelor and Hall's "Strange Fire"

In order to understand how Doug Batchelor and Dwight Hall approach ordination in their book, "Strange Fire: Understanding the Hot Topic of Women's Ordination," it is first useful, I think, to try and define the hermeneutical principles they appear to use when they claim biblical support for not ordaining women. Their primary assumption appears to be that the way things are presented in the Bible, to their minutest detail, is exactly the way God wanted the biblical writers to write them.

Is the Blockbuster "Interstellar" A Fundamentally Religious Film?

Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway’s "Interstellar," a Hollywood Sci-Fi adventure film, echoed religious themes and raised questions about the existence of God. The film is set at a time when planet Earth is near death; its resources are nearly depleted, and if something does not change soon, all of Earth’s inhabitants will die. McConaughey’s character Cooper, a single parent of two children, is offered the opportunity to save humanity by embarking on a space exploration. His goal is to find a new world that will sustain human life.

Disappointing Film Adaption of Luke 15’s “The Prodigal Son” Hits Theaters This Weekend.

“Wayward: The Prodigal Son” is the latest Bible story on the big screen. With limited opening weekend screenings of the film in Northern California, I made sure to arrive early.  However, with ten minutes until showtime, only five of us sat in the audience: my family of three and and a older couple in the back. A middle-aged couple, one of whom wore a silver cross on his shirt, snuck in right as the previews began.

Review: The Maze Runner

As the movie faded into blackness a teenage girl three rows over from me screamed: “Are you serious?

Review: Holy Ghost

“Holy Spirit, I want you to touch my friend. Show him that you are really real and break him free from all the haunting spirits that have been assigned to his life.”

Movie Review: When The Game Stands Tall

If you’ve ever seen a religious sports movie, then chances are you’ve already seen 70% of the newest football movie on the block, When The Game Stands Tall.

Book Review: A Gap Year Volunteering

Jason Birkenstock’s debut work, A Gap Year Volunteering: The College Student’s Guide, is the book I wished I had when I was planning my travels abroad. 

Film Review: The Giver

Melancholy, cheap, and disappointing, my experience watching “The Giver” was nothing like I expected.

Book Review: God and the Gay Christian

Once, I saw two protest groups while I was at a stoplight. On the right side, there were signs that said: God Hates Fags, God Hates You, Homosexuals are Demons, Read Leviticus 20:13.

A Review of The Record Keeper

While distribution of The Record Keeper remains suspended by the General Conference, supporters joined members of the cast and crew for a screening of the web series in Portland on July 13.

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