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Article Blessed Are the Peacemakers: Ricardo Graham Responds to White Supremacist Violence Ricardo Graham 08/17/2017
Article The African Church Leadership and the GC President: An Unhealthy Relationship Matthew Quartey 08/17/2017
Article Unity? Policy? Flexibility? Where’s the Sweet Spot? Edward Reifsnyder 08/17/2017
Article The Vision: New Docu-Drama Series on Beginnings of Church in Europe Corrado Cozzi, EUD News, Victor Hulbert 08/16/2017
Article We Missed the Meeting Kymone Hinds 08/16/2017
Article Student Petition Urges: End Atlantic Union College’s Scam! Alisa Williams 08/16/2017
Article I’M NOT OK Daniel Xisto 08/14/2017
Article GAiN Conference Day 5 Alisa Williams 08/14/2017
Article GAiN Conference Day 4 - Sabbath Alisa Williams 08/13/2017
Article NAD President Issues Statement on Guam, Calls for Prayer after Threats from North Korea Alisa Williams 08/13/2017
Article Summer Reading Group: Humanism and the Death of God Zane Yi 08/12/2017
Article The Social Gospel According to the Woman at the Well Darnisha Thomas 08/12/2017
Article GAiN Conference Day 3 Alisa Williams 08/12/2017
Article Genesis and Geology in Paradox: Ben Clausen’s Response to Chapter 6 in “Where Are We Headed” by William G. Johnsson David Larson 08/11/2017
Article A New Paradigm for Understanding Galatians Kim Papaioannou 08/11/2017
Article GAiN Conference Day 2 Alisa Williams 08/11/2017
Article Oakwood Alum Offers Positivity in Ferguson Photography Exhibit and More News Shorts Pam Dietrich 08/11/2017
Article GAiN Conference Day One Alisa Williams 08/10/2017
Article Protestantism And Contemporary Anthropocentrism: Dialoguing with Tom Regan (1938-2017) Hanz Gutierrez 08/09/2017
Article GAiN Conference Day Zero Alisa Williams 08/09/2017
Article Book Review: The Struggle for the Prophetic Heritage by Gilbert Valentine Brian Strayer 08/08/2017
Article "Humans of Adventism" Page Launched to Encourage Candid Conversation Alita Byrd 08/06/2017
Article Moving Forward with Mission: A Conversation with the NAD President Dan Weber, NAD Communication Department 08/05/2017
Article From Felicity to Trinity Carmen Lau 08/05/2017
Article The Art of Biblical Feasting Bonnie Dwyer 08/04/2017
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