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Article El valor de tener valores Josep A. Álvarez 05/30/2013
Article Reviewing the. . .Adventist World: Pluralism vs. Revival Edition Andrew Hanson 10/24/2010
Article Viewpoint: Should Our Practices Go Beyond What the Bible Permits? Sakae Kubo 04/15/2014
Article The Reality of His Humanity Herbert E. Douglass 04/14/2008
Article Sabbath Sermon: Blessed Are the Peacemakers—Ryan Bell Alexander Carpenter 10/01/2011
Article December Fundraising Campaign [2] – A Closer Look at Costs Rich Hannon 12/07/2008
Article Ivory Tower Overhaul 07/25/2007
Article Spectrum Ranks 2nd Most Influential Twitter Feed in Adventism Alexander Carpenter 10/20/2009
Article Bringing the Real World to Genesis: WHAT MAKES SCIENCE VALUABLE? Part 1: Observations, Experiments, and Theories Mailen Kootsey 07/09/2012
Article Sabbath Sermon: Jesus Christ the Home of God, Part 1—by Alex Bryan Alexander Carpenter 04/19/2013
Article Important Lessons Learned So Far Regarding Women's Ordination Sakae Kubo 03/08/2014
Article Discipleship: Incomprehension versus Memory Ramon-C. Gelabert 03/10/2008
Article Lecturas sobre Oriente Próximo Jonás Berea 12/11/2014
Article This I Vote: An Election Day Prayer Alexander Carpenter 11/04/2008
Article Reflections on a theological dialogue Ryan Bell 09/15/2009
Article Women - Fear and Loathing in the Redoubts of Dogmatism Charles Scriven 04/30/2010
Article “Los celos en una familia” Mary Trim 03/01/2011
Article Having a hernia in Tchad Alexander Carpenter 12/10/2007
Article Former Head of National Council of Churches Speaks at Andrews Seminary Symposium—Part I Landon Schnabel 02/02/2012
Article ATS conference on society 11/14/2006
Article Family Jason Hines 10/25/2012
Article Sabbath at the Spectrum Café: Hospitality in High Gear Charles Scriven 08/22/2013
Article An Open Letter to All Bonnie Dwyer 01/24/2011
Article Michigan Conference Did Not Support Pipim's Re-Baptism Michigan Conference 07/02/2014
Article Oh We Are the Pathfinders Strong… Trudy Morgan-Cole 06/14/2008

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