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Article “La realidad inescrutable de YHWH, el Dios de Israel” Bonnie Dwyer 07/04/2011
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Article A Roundup on Graduation in NAD Higher Education Midori Yoshimura 06/08/2012
Article Recording of Roy Branson Memorial Service from the Azure Hills Church Spectrum 08/08/2015
Article Dead Man (Soundtrack) by Neil Young DJ ؟pekdrum 11/08/2008
Article Creation Seventh Day Adventist Church Associate Surrenders to Redlands Police Jared Wright 08/01/2012
Article District 9 - An Alien Movie Backward Jared Wright 09/19/2009
Article The Story of Jonah—an Adventist Irony? Jean Sheldon 05/10/2013
Article Outside the Alamo 3: WO Is We Chris Blake 07/07/2015
Article Happy Great Disappointment Day Alita Byrd 10/22/2013
Article WikiLeaks and the Investigative Judgment Keith Burton 12/03/2010
Article The Ear: Heart, Soul and Mind in San Luis Obispo Charles Scriven 08/22/2014
Article NAD Year-end Meetings—Sunday Morning Charles Scriven 10/30/2011
Article Ben Carson Awarded Highest Civilian Honor (and discusses oil drilling with Bush) Alexander Carpenter 06/20/2008
Article Friday Randomness 05/11/2007
Article The Integrity of the Prophetic Gift Norman Young 02/23/2009

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