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Article The One Project: Danger or Blessing? Marcos Torres, Nathaniel Tan 08/25/2014
Article La indignación de Cristo J.M. López Yuste 03/01/2012
Article Nuestra Afición al Chisme Herold Weiss 04/15/2009
Article American religion smack down 09/19/2006
Article 2015: The Year of Regional Autonomy Spectrum 12/30/2015
Article "The Untold Story of the Bible Commentary" Lainey S. Cronk 03/08/2010
Article New Feature: 'Spectrum' Flashback Alexander Carpenter 11/19/2012
Article Prayer for a Friday Night Alita Byrd 09/13/2013
Article Happy Valentine's Day Alexander Carpenter 02/14/2011
Article An Important Definition Jason Hines 07/24/2014
Article Prophetic Short Sermon Series | Amazing Grace - Wintley Phipps Alexander Carpenter 07/03/2008
Article Mt. Vernon Academy Must Raise $3M by March 10 or Cease Operations Jared Wright 01/11/2015
Article A Solemn Appeal: To our fellow believers in the Seventh-day Adventist Church Seventh-day Adventists 03/12/2009
Article Pew Research Examines Adventist Beliefs, Adventist Office of Archives & Statistics Responds Jared Wright 11/13/2015
Article Walla Walla University Addresses Human Trafficking Alexander Carpenter 02/04/2010
Article David Asscherick on Women's Ordination Alexander Carpenter 10/14/2012
Article Restless Like Augustine: A Journal Reflection Vitalia Tee 08/08/2011
Article YOUR comments: On homosexuality 10/19/2007
Article Thoughts from an Episcopalian at Loma Linda University Alexander Carpenter 06/05/2008
Article Another Perspective on "Religious Freedom in America" Thomas O. Gessel 02/28/2013
Article Why Can’t I Own Canadians?: Grace, the Holy Spirit, and the Threat of Fundamentalism Charles Scriven 07/30/2010
Article Bell's Year Without God Gets International Media Coverage Jared Wright 01/17/2014
Article Adventist News Roundup Alexander Carpenter 06/27/2011
Article Hangzhou China: "About 100 Faithful Members Each Week" Damaris Matthews 10/30/2014
Article The Struggling Masses: World Hunger and what I Should Do About It. Eric Scott 10/02/2008

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