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Article What DID God Say to Job? Jean Sheldon 12/07/2016
Article ‘A la Carte’ Religion: A Challenge to Traditional Evangelism Eddy Johnson 07/18/2013
Article Cut Yourself Jason Hines 05/29/2014
Article Does Christian Ethics Exist? David Larson 05/20/2008
Article Fast Adventist News Alexander Carpenter 01/24/2009
Article Seventh-Gay Adventists Companion Film Premieres This Weekend at UltraViolet Festival Jared Wright 09/10/2015
Article Should I Tempt You to Read the Book of Numbers? Alden Thompson 12/06/2009
Article United Divisions: A Delegate Reflects on Cultural Differences Steve Moran 07/14/2010
Article Cursing the Day of One’s Birth Karl G. Wilcox 10/25/2016
Article General Conference Admin Remove La Sierra University Story from Church News Site Alexander Carpenter 06/06/2011
Article Sabbath Sermon: Science & Genesis—N.T. Wright, John Polkinghorne, Allister McGrath Alexander Carpenter 05/12/2012
Article The Accreditation of La Sierra University: Creationism Goes Extreme T. Joe Willey 01/09/2013
Article Film About Gay Adventists Faces Legal Challenge from the Church Daneen Akers 06/21/2010
Article The Ear: Theologian at Work 2 Charles Scriven 11/15/2013
Article Creations—Visual Contemplation Leslie Foster 04/25/2011
Article Soul Pain Loren Seibold 09/18/2014
Article The Christ of the Fifth Way: Recovering the Politics of Jesus, Part III: Kingdom Come Ron Osborn 08/18/2008
Article Ends, Means and Adventist Doctrine Rich Hannon 03/29/2012
Article Perspective: LGBT Youth Homelessness? Not The Time To Argue Keisha E. McKenzie 03/10/2015
Article The Most Significant Article that Spectrum Has Published—So Far Bonnie Dwyer 05/10/2009
Article Adventist bloggers continue to ponder Pastor Boyd 08/01/2006
Article Dangling or Not? A Response to Chadwick and Brand Jon Johnson 02/03/2016
Article ENDITNOW and Psalms 8 Donna Haerich 03/26/2010
Article 'Darwin: A Portrait of a Genius'—A Review T. Joe Willey 12/08/2012
Article Our Common Bonds Jan M. Long 10/10/2013

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