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Article How To Wait For the Second Coming Tom Dybdahl 12/19/2012
Article 1 Peter and Social Relationships Norman H. Young 04/20/2017
Article Peacemaking Heritage Series: Joseph Bates -- "A Decided Stand On the Side of the Oppressed" Doug Morgan 01/18/2008
Article El Salvador compasivo Ryan Bell 08/06/2008
Article Senator Ted Cruz's Adventist Connections Alita Byrd 10/23/2013
Article A quick and dirty religio-presidential forum 06/06/2007
Article "Old Fashioned," the Anti-"Fifty Shades," Opens This Weekend Rachel Logan 02/13/2015
Article Perspective: We Need More Visionaries Like Joe, Bob and Charlie Juleun A. Johnson 12/29/2015
Article La firme devoción de Ana Susan Comilang 10/13/2010
Article Laying Down the Law Keith Burton 04/03/2014
Article Denver Dispatch | Day i Alexander Carpenter 07/11/2008
Article Spirituality and History: A Review of Philip Sheldrake Rachel Davies 09/15/2011
Article The ethics of conversion 08/19/2007
Article Conference on Innovation, Day Three Rachel Davies 10/06/2009
Article An Adventist Future Alexander Carpenter 06/27/2012
Article Kinship International statement on reparative therapy and 'change ministries' Kinship International 04/08/2013
Article Laughing in Church Rachel Davies 08/31/2010
Article Academic Freedom Conflict at PUC Makes Local Paper, Chronicle of Higher Education Alita Byrd 02/21/2014
Article Sabbath Sermon: Stahl Center Church—José Rojas Alexander Carpenter 08/06/2011
Article Adventists In The News: Kenyan Congregation Decimated by Al-Shabab Pam Dietrich 11/27/2014
Article At the Church’s Dying Edge Loren Seibold 06/18/2015
Article Julie & Julia Tiffany Rosenquist 08/27/2009
Article Adventist Congregations on Both Coasts Reach out to LGBT Communities after Orlando Shooting Jared Wright 06/13/2016
Article ¿Cuál es el secreto para transformar un equipo de fútbol perdedor en ganador? Ruben Sanchez 02/01/2008
Article Jóvenes adventistas, Spectrum y el Harlem Shake Joel Barrios 02/28/2013
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