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Article The Basic Fault of the Unity Document Sakae Kubo 09/30/2016
Article Father Fails into Grace Michael Bennie 05/15/2013
Article The Scourge of Theological Gossip Graham Maxwell 04/16/2012
Article Ellen White: Paragon of Adventism Raymond Thompson 03/30/2008
Article Thanksgiving at the GC - Cartoon Adventist Caricaturist 11/22/2008
Article General Conference Delegates Vote No on Ordination Question - Status Quo Prevails Charles Scriven, Jared Wright 07/08/2015
Article Citing Apostasy, Michigan Conference Removes La Sierra University From Employee Subsidy Alexander Carpenter 05/26/2010
Article Three Angles News + Bonus - October 26, 2013 Pam Dietrich 10/26/2013
Article Wade in the Water Rev. Alison J. Harrington 03/29/2011
Article Viewpoint: "Dictating Answers" at the International Conference on the Bible and Science? Aubyn Fulton 08/26/2014
Article The Year of Climate Change? Alexander Carpenter 01/02/2008
Article Sabbath Sermon: Before Festus and Agrippa—John Brunt Alexander Carpenter 03/01/2012
Article Nuestra Afición al Chisme Herold Weiss 04/15/2009
Article Adventist like this 09/17/2006
Article A Short History of Healthcare Don Barton 03/09/2010
Article Drilling a Little Deeper: How long has snow fallen in Greenland? André Reis 11/20/2012
Article Nutmeat Is Back! Alita Byrd 03/07/2017
Article Sabbath at the Spectrum Café: Food with Friends Charmidale Tuazon 09/15/2013
Article "Morad conmigo" Anthea Davis 02/15/2011
Article Las estadísticas oficiales revelan importantes disparidades en la Iglesia Adventista mundial de las que no se habla – Parte 1 Daniel Jiménez 07/25/2014
Article Confronting the Challenges in Adventist Education Lawrence G. Downing 07/02/2008
Article Headlines: Ben Carson's Vetting Continues With Mannatech Revelations Pam Dietrich 01/14/2015
Article A Solemn Appeal: To our fellow believers in the Seventh-day Adventist Church Seventh-day Adventists 03/12/2009
Article Nous avons tous le même sang quand nous saignons Spectrum 11/14/2015
Article Walla Walla University Addresses Human Trafficking Alexander Carpenter 02/04/2010
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