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Article Sabbath Listening: The People's Messiah 08/31/2007
Article Seventh-day Adventism and Dishonesty James Alexander 01/09/2009
Article Bringing the Real World to Genesis: Ice-Cores and Science Part II—Grecian Lead Mining Confirms Ice-Core Chronology Brian Bull 09/27/2012
Article Reddish Cow: Provision for Purification Roy E. Gane 11/15/2009
Article Sabbath Sermon: David Asscherick Alita Byrd 07/13/2013
Article "It Ain't My Fault" by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band feat. Mos Def DJ ؟pekdrum 08/24/2010
Article The Little Prince and the Silly Kingdoms of Grown-ups Sarah Fusté 05/23/2014
Article How Do We Relate Science and Religion?—Summer Reading Group IV Robert Jacobson 07/31/2011
Article Paulsen's Call for 'Freedom Fighters:' Reason 143,999 Why I'm Optimistic About the Future of Adventism Alexander Carpenter 04/07/2008
Article Who is Spectrum? Bonnie Dwyer 01/12/2012
Article Editoon: Different rhetoric, similar methods Adventist Caricaturist 08/05/2008
Article Truth in Numbers: infinite or created 01/05/2007
Article Vida Lana B. Martin 04/20/2009
Article Meet the Newest Adventist Congressman: Dr. Raul Ruiz Alexander Carpenter 01/04/2013
Article Bible Commentary: "Long-term Influence" Lainey S. Cronk 03/12/2010
Article Women Pastors Ordination - Beyond the “Theological” Claim! II Hanz Gutierrez 11/14/2013
Article Adventism in Google Ngrams Alexander Carpenter 01/02/2011
Article Empieza la transición al nuevo sistema de conversación Jonathan Pichot 09/15/2014
Article From “Foolish Gentiles” to “My Little Children” Warren Trenchard 11/24/2011
Article Akim Zhigankov's Parents Discuss Poisoning Assertion Jared Wright 03/06/2015
Article Church Accountability: Seven Cautionary Narratives 07/07/2008
Article It's Friday! Your random thoughts needed 03/23/2007
Article Ministry of Healing, v. 3.0: Why Adventists should fight for universal health care Ryan Bell 03/16/2009
Article Retransmisión en directo - El cristiano ante el sufrimiento AEGUAE 12/06/2012
Article Christians, Taliban and Moral Ambiguity Jonas Uribe 02/08/2010

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