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Review Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day: or, Should You Seize the Day if it Requires You to be Immoral? Elizabeth Rivera 04/29/2008
Review Being Consumed: Economics and Christian Desire Chris Smith 09/03/2010
Review "Acedia and Me" Trudy Morgan-Cole 05/27/2009
Review Wall-E: A Movie With a Full Heart, or A Tribute to Justin Daneen Akers 07/10/2008
Review Book Club Discussion--Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith Lainey S. Cronk 07/29/2008
Review Film Review: Lessons from Divergent Sam Millen 03/31/2014
Review Reading: Falling Out Of Love Lainey S. Cronk 10/16/2009
Review Frank Conversations: A Review of “The Faith Club” Trudy Morgan-Cole 10/13/2008
Review Pieces of April Vaughn Nelson 11/18/2007
Review The Best Films of Hollywood's Golden Age Rich Hannon 01/13/2010
Review Bible Commentary: "Theological Booby Traps & Road Blocks" Lainey S. Cronk 03/09/2010
Review A Time For Uncertainty: A Review of "Doubt" - 2008 Steve Parker 01/20/2009
Review I Forgive You, But . . . Susan Gardner 03/21/2008
Review Jesus Wars Rich Hannon 06/30/2010
Review The Reader - A Review Steve Parker 04/03/2009
Review Prince Caspian: Unexpected Blessings Bob Thayne 05/23/2008
Review Waiting for Superman: Education System, We Need to Talk Lauryn Wild 11/10/2010
Review The Music Man From the Streets Bonnie Dwyer 07/22/2009
Cafe Hispano Article “La importancia de la terminación” Robert Wilcox 01/22/2013
Cafe Hispano Article El ministerio Sumo-Sacerdotal de Jesús Ivan Blazen 06/17/2008
Cafe Hispano Article Dios no da el Espíritu por medida Herold Weiss 05/10/2012
Cafe Hispano Article Buena condición espiritual y física Herbert E. Douglass 04/17/2010
Cafe Hispano Article Científicos adventistas recomiendan humildad y cautela ante la homosexualidad – I Adventist Review/ANN Staff - Café Hispano 03/27/2014
Cafe Hispano Article En cuanto a la Palabra de Vida Herold Weiss 07/10/2009
Cafe Hispano Article ¿Jesús o Yeshúa? Ramon-C. Gelabert 10/06/2011

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