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Article Sabbath Sermon: Jan Paulsen, "GC Spring 2012 Devotional" Jan Paulsen 01/03/2014
Article Book Review - the event 01/08/2007
Article Libertad de Conciencia Ruben Sanchez 09/27/2008
Article Adventists Rush to Help After Deadly Quake Rocks Nepal APD - Adventist News Agency 04/27/2015
Article Tightrope Walkers Courtney Ray 04/07/2016
Article Top 10 Films of 2010 for Spectrum Moviegoers Jared Wright 12/29/2010
Article How to Live to 100 BuzzFeed 06/06/2014
Article Jots & Tittles Donna Haerich 11/24/2011
Article Unconcluding scientific postscript 03/27/2007
Article Embracing the Stranger: Toward an Adventist Theology of Migration Lourdes E. Morales-Gudmundsson 12/17/2009
Article “Jesús (¿y?) el Arcángel” Ross Winkle 08/29/2012
Article Adventist Farm Courtney Ray 11/03/2016
Article Sabbath at the Spectrum Café: Setting the Sabbath Table Bonnie Dwyer 06/20/2013
Article Confessions of a Social Justice Pastor Rachel Davies 11/17/2010
Article ASI Free Clinic Treats Thousands Alita Byrd 04/30/2014
Article Mi primer sabado en Corea Ferran Sabate 04/30/2008
Article Justification By Faith Herbert E. Douglass 10/18/2011
Article Open Thread: Resolutions for Adventism Alexander Carpenter 12/29/2008
Article Roy Branson Memorial Service Saturday, August 8 James Ponder 08/06/2015
Article Special Spectrum Report: Youth Violence is Our Territory Ranette Prime 11/05/2009
Article Bringing the Real World to Genesis: WHAT MAKES SCIENCE VALUABLE? Part 2: Developing Scientific Ideas Mailen Kootsey 07/30/2012
Article Jorge De Sousa Matías Arrested for Alleged Involvement In Smuggling Enterprise Jared Wright 09/25/2016
Article Sabbath at the Spectrum Café: Baking Bread Worth Breaking Midori Yoshimura 05/10/2013
Article If He Is King, Where Is His Army? Charles Scriven 04/09/2012
Article Daniel C. Dennett Won’t Break Religion’s Spell and Here’s Why David Larson 03/28/2008

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