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Article Poetry and Music for the New Year Alisa Williams 01/07/2017
Article Selective Attention Ronald Osborn 01/06/2017
Article The Great Controversy Over Plagiary: The Last Interview of Walter Rea T. Joe Willey 01/05/2017
Article Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Our Love Affair with the RCC Courtney Ray 01/05/2017
Article “Every Improvement, Every Graduation, Every Baptism Is a Success” Alita Byrd 01/02/2017
Article News Headlines: Zimbabwe Hospital Ward Adopted by Adventist Church (and More!) Pam Dietrich 01/02/2017
Article Dr. Herold Weiss: "You Can Be a Christian Without Being a Fundamentalist." Aage Rendalen 01/02/2017
Article Thinking It Over: Job and God’s Dereliction of Duty Ginger Harwood 01/01/2017
Article Humble Listening: A Courageous Act Carmen Lau 12/31/2016
Article Dr. Sandra Roberts is Spectrum Magazine's 2016 Adventist Person of the Year Jared Wright 12/29/2016
Article Soft Tissue, Equivocation and Religious Necessity Rich Hannon 12/29/2016
Article Natural Talents as Created Gifts Gary Chartier 12/26/2016
Article Once Upon a Christmas Joelle Chase 12/24/2016
Article Feeding Our Neighbors Alita Byrd 12/23/2016
Article The Peculiar Character of Seventh-day Adventists Mark F Carr 12/23/2016
Article Vote for the 2016 Adventist Person of the Year Spectrum Editors 12/23/2016
Article Why I Love Adventism Jason Hines 12/22/2016
Article REACH Evangelism School Teaches Ministry in Any Context Alita Byrd 12/19/2016
Article News Headlines: Kenyan Government Intervenes in Adventist Leadership Dispute (And More!) Pam Dietrich 12/19/2016
Article Poetry and Music for Christmas Alisa Williams 12/18/2016
Article Sigve Tonstad: Making Sense of God in the 21st Century Aage Rendalen 12/16/2016
Article Mission Modifies the Margin Mark Carr 12/15/2016
Article Pacific Union College Names Eric Anderson President Pacific Union College, Spectrum 12/14/2016
Article Why the Proposed IBMTE Endorsement Process Would Betray Adventist Identity Daryll Ward 12/14/2016
Article Job's Redeemer Aleksandar S. Santrac 12/14/2016
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