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Article Hacksaw Ridge Provides Opportunities to Share Adventist Faith in Europe Victor Hulbert 11/25/2016
Article South Pacific Division Asks General Conference to Grant Same Rights to Commissioned Ministers Jarrod Stackelroth 11/25/2016
Article Singular Thanks Jason Hines 11/24/2016
Article Giving Thanks Jared Wright 11/24/2016
Article The Good and Honorable Pharisees Stuart Tyner 11/23/2016
Article The Adventist Vote: Findings from the 2016 National Election Survey John T. Gavin, William W. Ellis, Curtis J. VanderWaal 11/23/2016
Article Pacific Union Conference Executive Committee Statement: To Be True to Our Calling Pacific Union Conference 11/22/2016
Article Donald Trump: "I am considering Ben Carson as head of HUD." Jared Wright 11/22/2016
Article Religion Scholars Discuss “The Church of Our Dreams” Bonnie Dwyer 11/22/2016
Article New Film Follows Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Final Chapter Alita Byrd 11/21/2016
Article Headlines: World War II Army Medic Offers Another View of Serving on Okinawa (And More!) Pam Dietrich 11/21/2016
Article Tradition and Experience Prove Inadequate Herold Weiss 11/20/2016
Article Longing for Good News about Bad Shepherds Vaughn Nelson 11/20/2016
Article Paul Charles Resigns Jared Wright 11/18/2016
Article Argentina Union of Seventh-day Adventists Creates Commission to Investigate Smuggling Jared Wright 11/17/2016
Article Newly released Video Footage Documents Post-Apartheid Adventism Spectrum Media 11/16/2016
Article Will Anglicanism Become the New — or Returned — Religion of Pitcairn Island? Herbert Ford 11/16/2016
Article The Judicial Dilemma: How the Church Works – And How It Gets Worked Gary Patterson 11/15/2016
Article Adventist Chaplain Terry Rice Waits “Indefinitely” for Church Endorsement Alita Byrd 11/15/2016
Article Ben Carson Will Not Serve in Trump Cabinet Jared Wright 11/15/2016
Article Innocent Blood Norman Young 11/15/2016
Article Trans-European Union Discusses "Unity in Mission" Document During Year-end Meeting Trans-European Division, Victor Hulbert 11/14/2016
Article Friedensau Adventist University Administration Issue Statement on "Unity in Mission" Document Friedensau Adventist University, Spectrum 11/14/2016
Article Poetry and Music for November Alisa Williams 11/12/2016
Article Promoting Women's Rights Alita Byrd 11/10/2016
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