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Blog 11:59 and Ticking Edward Reifsnyder 08/09/2014
Article Still Talking: Contemplative Spirituality Ken Curtis 08/08/2014
Blog Ted Wilson and the General Conference release statement on violence in Syria APD News Flash 08/08/2014
Blog Ted Wilson and Dan Jackson's 2014 ASI Town Hall Meeting Bonnie Dwyer, Rachel Logan 08/08/2014
Article The Ear: The Pearsons on Sabbath School and Church Life “at the Edges” Charles Scriven 08/08/2014
Blog The Cost of Discipleship – 5: The Narrow Road Michaela Lawrence Jeffery 08/08/2014
Blog The Record Keeper Online Sterling Spence 08/08/2014
Blog Sabbath Sermon: Karl Haffner, "Romans 8" Karl Haffner 08/08/2014
Article Growing in Christ Alden Thompson 08/08/2014
Cafe Hispano Article La editorial de los estudiantes adventistas de España publica un nuevo libro sobre el sufrimiento, la muerte y la felicidad Isaac Llopis 08/08/2014
Blog Growing Up Adventist: Community on the Borders Alexandra Wick 08/07/2014
Article The Gaza Conflict: A Consequence of Imperial Guilt Keith Augustus Burton 08/07/2014
Blog Subversive Worship Sterling Spence 08/06/2014
Blog Three Angles News- British Conscientious Objectors Remembered Pam Dietrich 08/06/2014
Blog The Unity of Salvation and Human Well-being Yi Shen Ma 08/05/2014
Blog Who Calls Creation Good? Maury Jackson 08/04/2014
Blog Adventist Culture Wars: Hold the Applause? Marcos Torres 08/03/2014
Blog Discipleship – 4: A Call for Adventist Piety Michael W. Campbell 08/01/2014
Blog Sabbath Sermons (audio only): Herb Montgomery, "Kinship Kampmeeting" Herb Montgomery 08/01/2014
Article Lost and Found Manny Vela 08/01/2014
Article How To Be Saved Kirsten Oster-Lundqvist 08/01/2014
Blog No, It’s Not About Your Personal Relationship with Jesus! Yi Shen Ma 07/31/2014
Article An Interview with BarelyAdventist Sterling Spence 07/31/2014
Blog Auto-Tuned Church Craig Hadley 07/31/2014
Cafe Hispano Article Las estadísticas oficiales revelan importantes disparidades en la Iglesia Adventista mundial de las que no se habla – Parte 2 Daniel Jiménez 07/31/2014

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Sat, 10/25/2014 | Los Angeles Adventist Forum
October Adventist Forum
Ronald E. Osborn, Ph.D., A 2014-2016 Mellon Postdoctoral Fell ow in the Peace and Justice Program at Wellesley College (Boston), and a 2 015 Fullbright Scholar to Burma/Myanmar, Formerly an Adjunct Faculty Membe r in the Dept. of International Relations at USC, and in the Honors Progra m at UCLA. Topic: "Death Before the Fall?: A Conversation with Ronald Osbor n."

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