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Article Bakersfield Women's Ordination Symposium - Julie Mesa Jared Wright 06/16/2015
Article Perspective: Stephen Bohr Quotes Ellen White Selectively Ronald G. White 06/16/2015
Article An Adventist Story of Switching Sexes Alita Byrd 06/15/2015
Article Bakersfield Women's Ordination Symposium - Stephen Bohr Jared Wright 06/15/2015
Article Bakersfield Women's Ordination Symposium - Louis Torres Jared Wright 06/14/2015
Article How Ty Gibson's Endorsement of Women's Ordination Differs from Others Jared Wright 06/13/2015
Article The Beauty and Brilliance of Nature Alisa Williams 06/12/2015
Article Together We Can Make It Happen Charles Scriven 06/12/2015
Article Adventist Vegetarianism, The Czech Way – On European Adventism III Hanz Gutierrez 06/11/2015
Article Editorial: Will The Real Adventist Please Stand Up? Brenton Reading 06/10/2015
Article Open Letter: A Call for Unity and Upholding Our Doctrines James A. Greene 06/10/2015
Article NY13 Campaign - A Massive Effort with Minimal Results Bill Mancer 06/09/2015
Article Faith in Our Streets Geoffrey Nelson-Blake, Sarah Jawaid 06/09/2015
Article Viewpoint: Why Californians Should Oppose Proposed Assisted Suicide Legislation Michael Peabody 06/09/2015
Article Headlines: NatGeo Features SWAU Dino Research Project Pam Dietrich 06/09/2015
Article One Foot in Angwin, One Foot in the Rest of the World Alita Byrd 06/06/2015
Article Dan Jackson Shares Wishes for NAD NAD Communication Department 06/05/2015
Article Hide It Under a Bushel? No! Kent Hansen 06/05/2015
Article InfoGraphics: A Full Breakdown of General Conference Delegates by Division, Gender and Age Spectrum Media 06/04/2015
Article Woman Delegates, Geography, and the 14th Division at the General Conference Session Bonnie Dwyer 06/04/2015
Article Let's Not Be Blind Courtney Ray 06/04/2015
Article A Review of Desmond Ford's "Genesis Versus Darwinism" Bryan Ness 06/03/2015
Article Headlines: Where Some Denominations Are Shrinking, Adventism Grows Pam Dietrich 06/03/2015
Article Following Jesus in Everyday Life Karl. G. Wilcox 06/02/2015
Article Infographic: Visualizing the San Antonio Delegates Spectrum Media 06/01/2015

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