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Article Loma Linda University Health Expands With $10 Million Tribal Casino Gift Jared Wright 12/11/2014
Article Tricia Penniecook Joins Oakwood University as Academic Vice President Oakwood University 12/10/2014
Article Perspective: Lack of Adventist Community Pushes Some Millennials to Marry Young Rachel Logan 12/10/2014
Article Headlines: Avocados Help Curb Cravings Pam Dietrich 12/09/2014
Article North American Division President Issues Statement on Garner/Brown Protests North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists 12/08/2014
Article Young Adventists Join #BlackLivesMatter Protests Jared Wright 12/07/2014
Article Change Your Words and You’ll Change the World: Why “Voluntourism” is Redeemable Clinton Jackson 12/07/2014
Article Northeastern Conference President Issues Statement on Eric Garner Homicide Daniel Honoré 12/07/2014
Article The Ear: Nathan Brown Focuses on Justice Charles Scriven 12/06/2014
Article Sabbath UnSermon: John Haught, Nancey Murphy & Kenneth Miller, "What the 'New Atheists' Get Wrong" John Haught, Nancey Murphy & Kenneth Miller 12/05/2014
Article Viewpoint: Why Unions Should Assert Their Right to Decide Women's Ordination Sakae Kubo 12/05/2014
Article The Great Controversy Goes Full Hollywood Jared Wright 12/04/2014
Article La lamprea sigue de actualidad Celedonio García-Pozuelo 12/04/2014
Article No era un árbol, era un verdadero bosque Celedonio García-Pozuelo 12/04/2014
Article The Language of Violence Keith Augustus Burton 12/04/2014
Article Giving Thanks for All Who Gave on Giving Tuesday Bonnie Dwyer 12/03/2014
Article Adventist Headlines: PUC Grads Among Most Indebted Pam Dietrich 12/03/2014
Article UPDATED: You Helped Us Exceed Our Giving Tuesday Goal! Jared Wright 12/02/2014
Article Voluntourism Does More Harm than Good Heather Ruiz 12/02/2014
Article Weep And Howl Alden Thompson 12/02/2014
Article Women's Ordination: Annual Council Was Appetizer; GC Will Be Main Course Jared Wright 12/01/2014
Article Spectrum Will Expand Health Care, Education Coverage in 2015 Jared Wright 12/01/2014
Article UPDATED: Smithsonian Names Ellen White One of 100 Most Influential Americans Ever Jared Wright 11/29/2014
Article Yo elijo el camino estrecho Esther Villanueva 11/28/2014
Article Sabbath Sermon: Randy Roberts, "A Second Touch - (The One Project - Chicago 2013)" Randy Roberts 11/28/2014

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