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Article Young Adventist Honored for Fighting Gender-based Violence Sonja Kama 05/02/2017
Article Exchanges Down Under Part 1: Hospitality Lisa Clark Diller 05/01/2017
Article GC Litigation Efforts: Two Current Examples Mitchell Tyner 05/01/2017
Article A Matter of Integrity Ken Curtis 04/30/2017
Article On Being Fat Loren Seibold 04/29/2017
Article The Life of Fred Lee James Londis 04/29/2017
Article European Adventist Scholars Discuss the Freedom of the Christian Helen Pearson 04/28/2017
Article Calexico Mission School Thrives on California-Mexico Border and More News Shorts Pam Dietrich 04/27/2017
Article Genesis One in Historical-Critical Perspective Larry Herr 04/27/2017
Article The Message Jason Hines 04/27/2017
Article Recruiting Non-Adventist Students Already the Norm in Adventist Higher Education Jared Wright 04/26/2017
Article Living for God Youssry Guirguis 04/26/2017
Article New Film by Andrews Student Explores Sisterhood Alita Byrd 04/25/2017
Article Glendale Adventist Medical Center Will Become Adventist Health Glendale (Health Care News Shorts) Jared Wright 04/25/2017
Article After Thorough Process, Updated Pastoral Ethics Document Voted Marcos Paseggi 04/24/2017
Article Adventist Hero in Rwanda’s Genocide Shares Faith at UN Andrew McChesney 04/23/2017
Article Adventist Pastor Alicia Johnston Comes Out as Bi, Announces Resignation Jared Wright 04/22/2017
Article Salvation and the Journey of a Preacher-man T. Joe Willey 04/22/2017
Article A Hard Decision and an Ongoing Mission Alisa Williams 04/21/2017
Article The Inherent Fallacy of the BRI's Statement on Transgenderism Anonymous 04/21/2017
Article Could Looking Beyond Adventist Students Solve Adventist Higher Ed Enrollment Problem? Jared Wright 04/20/2017
Article 1 Peter and Social Relationships Norman H. Young 04/20/2017
Article Caring for Others with Our Catholic Siblings Mark Carr 04/19/2017
Article Beyond Fundamentalism: A Short History of Adventist Old Testament Scholarship Lawrence T. Geraty 04/19/2017
Article Responses to the Adventist Church’s Statement on Transgenderism Alisa Williams 04/18/2017
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