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Article Editorial: The Desolation of the American Church - Come Out of Babylon Jared Wright 11/09/2016
Article Young Adventist Voices: Election Day in the USA Spectrum Media 11/08/2016
Article Young Adventists Speak (& Sing): Peace Pairings Alexander Carpenter 11/06/2016
Article Young Adventists Speak: Pacific Union College Students Discuss the U.S. Election Alexander Carpenter 11/06/2016
Article Young Adventists Speak: Walla Walla University Students on the U.S. Election Alexander Carpenter 11/05/2016
Article Beastly Spirituality Ken Curtis 11/05/2016
Article Young Adventists Speak: Ronald Osborn on Desmond Doss Alexander Carpenter 11/04/2016
Article Dare to Be a Desmond Jeff Gang 11/04/2016
Article Don't Miss It: Hacksaw Ridge Producer Explains Why Not Rachel Logan 11/03/2016
Article Eliphaz Dennis Meier 11/03/2016
Article Adventist Farm Courtney Ray 11/03/2016
Article Spencerville Sabbath Worship and the Unity Discussions: Two Different Planets Edward Reifsnyder 11/01/2016
Article TEAM Releases "Called" Documentary Featuring Four Women Who Minister Jared Wright 11/01/2016
Article Viewpoint: Make 2017 the Adventist Year of Conscience and Religious Freedom Peter Marks 11/01/2016
Article North American Division Votes Response to Unity in Mission Document Jared Wright 10/31/2016
Article How Tell the World, the Biggest Adventist Movie Ever, Got Made Alita Byrd 10/31/2016
Article Advent Hope Church's Peace Ministry Screens "The Conscientious Objector" Brooke Pierce 10/30/2016
Article "Opened Eyes"-- A Sabbath Sermon for Troubled Times Jared Wright 10/29/2016
Article Daniel Jackson to NAD Executive Committee: All Are Needed, All Are Wanted Jared Wright 10/29/2016
Article Stunted by Fear of a Slippery Slope Carmen Lau 10/29/2016
Article NAD Executive Committee Votes to Ask General Conference to Recognize Dr. Sandra Roberts Jared Wright 10/28/2016
Article The Broken Wall Jason Hines 10/27/2016
Article Adventist Theologian and Educator Raoul Dederen Passes Away at Age 91 Darius Jankiewicz 10/26/2016
Article Andrews University Installs New President Andrea Luxton Alisa Williams 10/26/2016
Article Facing Legal Proceedings, Paul Charles Works to Clear His Name Jared Wright 10/26/2016

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