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Article For The Bible Tells Me So: Religion and Homosexuality Daneen Akers 10/19/2007
Article Viewpoint: Attitude Toward Homosexuality Gets Pharisaical Results Herb Montgomery 12/27/2013
Article Understanding Bible Times - demons 01/17/2007
Article The Story Behind the Slogans Alita Byrd 09/23/2008
Article What Is the Age of the Earth: Does it Matter? An Open Letter to GC Delegates Henry E. Felder 04/21/2015
Article Innovative Adventism Rachel Davies 06/25/2009
Article Interesting Times - Online with Spectrum in 2010 Alexander Carpenter 12/24/2010
Article N. T. Wright—Scripture and the Authority of God Andrew Dykstra 11/16/2011
Article Good Friday meditation 04/06/2007
Article Sabbath Sermon: Joy in the Morning Kendra Haloviak 12/12/2009
Article Northern California Conference to Recommend Women Candidates for Ordination Jared Wright 08/23/2012
Article El asunto del diezmo (I): cargos en la iglesia Jonás Berea 06/13/2013
Article Waiting for Superman: Education System, We Need to Talk Lauryn Wild 11/10/2010
Article TEDx Comes to La Sierra University Bonnie Dwyer 04/25/2014
Article ¿Todavía comes carne? Ruben Sanchez 04/27/2008
Article Thousands of Former Adventists Await the Second Coming on Oct 13 Ruben Sanchez 10/12/2011
Article Columna: Jesús nació. Aleluya! Herold Weiss 12/22/2008
Article Sabbath Sermon: Dwight Nelson on Homosexuality Jared Wright 10/31/2009
Article Testamento y últimas voluntades de Jesús de Nazaret Esther Villanueva 07/26/2012
Article The Contradiction of God and Me Greg Prout 05/03/2013
Article Preguntas y respuestas en la cumbre sobre la homosexualidad Cafe Hispano - Lawrence T Geraty 03/20/2014
Article Gary Land's Historical Dictionary of Seventh-day Adventism Alexander Carpenter 03/24/2008
Article The (Adventist) Church Emerging Ryan Bell 11/13/2008
Article Oceans: "And God Saw That It Was Good" Jessica Sharpe 05/17/2010
Article Discovering Common Ground in 'The Lost World of Genesis One' Brenton Reading 03/15/2011

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