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Article What’s Next? The New Agenda and the New Team Bonnie Dwyer 07/15/2015
Article Intersection TV: One in Christ? Alexander Carpenter 10/19/2009
Article Adventist Pastor Eric Shadle to Bike Across the United States for Diapers Robert Jacobson 07/08/2012
Article News Headlines: Western Nigerian Union President Urges Moving Voting Day From Sabbath (and More!) Pam Dietrich 08/24/2016
Article Alex Bryan Named President of Kettering College Kettering College 04/19/2013
Article GC Leaders Plan Conference on 'Alternative Sexualities' in South Africa Alita Byrd 03/07/2014
Article Thought & Crime Michael D. Peabody 03/06/2008
Article Loma Linda University Health Expands With $10 Million Tribal Casino Gift Jared Wright 12/11/2014
Article AI, Consciousness, God - The Future Alexander Carpenter 11/01/2008
Article Why Some General Conference Delegates Will Never Make it to San Antonio Jared Wright 07/02/2015
Article Keith Burton, where is that Sullivan "scientific article" in the 1984 CMAJ? Alexander Carpenter 09/13/2009
Article Adventist History Spotlight: Anna Knight and the “Free State of Jones” Douglas Morgan 06/28/2016
Article Praying Scripture Clarence Schilt 03/01/2011
Article Meekness in the Crucible Rachel Davies 12/05/2007
Article A Dynamic Theology Loren Seibold 02/02/2012
Article Why the Sabbath saves the Adventist soul 11/15/2006
Article Ice Cores and the Flood: A Response to Brian Bull André Reis 10/24/2012
Article Three Angles News - August 20, 2013 Alita Byrd 08/20/2013
Article Reviewing the Review: GYC Edition Andrew Hanson 01/24/2011
Article Supreme Court Lets Ban on "Conversion Therapy" Stand Alita Byrd 07/01/2014
Article Heresy or Critical Thinking: Beliefs and Classroom Discussion Eric Scott 06/12/2008
Article Half the Sky: Microfinance and Opportunities for Women Jared Wright 12/20/2011
Article Radio DJ Broadcasts Message of Forgiveness in Rwanda Alita Byrd 02/16/2009
Article Art: The Paradoxical Truth 02/05/2007
Article The Last Five Kings of Judah: A Touch of Good, an Avalanche of Evil Alden Thompson 10/16/2015
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