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Article An Ode to Aussie Racial Sorrow Alexander Carpenter 06/05/2008
Article Gay Adventists Say: It Gets Better Alexander Carpenter 07/21/2011
Article Punto de vista: ¿Dónde estamos respecto a la ordenación de la mujer? - III Sakae Kubo 11/14/2014
Article Paulsen visits Cuba 11/10/2007
Article Award-winning Southern Adventist University Student Documentary Blends Craft and Faith Brenda Delfino 05/28/2015
Article Viewpoint: Church Claim for State Funding Could Open Door to Government Regulation Michael Peabody 05/16/2016
Article Announcing the Hispanic Adventist Center for Theological Dialogue Press Release 02/14/2013
Article The shopocalypse is nigh: What Would Jesus Buy? Alexander Carpenter 12/11/2007
Article Prop. 8 - A New Site Appears and How Alexander Carpenter 10/03/2008
Article At Adventist Restaurants, Meals are Good for the Body and the Planet Religion News Service 12/23/2013
Article Can We Handle the Truth? Ryan Bell 07/12/2009
Article Why the Seventh-day Adventist Church Changed Loren Seibold 10/16/2014
Article Religious Freedom Restoration Acts Attempt to Legitimate Descrimination Aubyn Fulton 04/17/2015
Article Argument Against Self Jason Hines 03/24/2016
Article Christmas Wishes for the Adventist Church Ron Osborn 12/19/2010
Article Adventist News w/ video Alexander Carpenter 09/08/2008
Article Sermon: Stahl Center Sabbath—Chuck Sandefur Alexander Carpenter 11/12/2011
Article A La Sierra Student Speaks Alexander Carpenter 05/30/2009
Article Blessed are the peacemakers 04/13/2007
Article Reviewing the Review: Science Edition Andrew Hanson 04/08/2010
Article Video: Pacific Union Conference Special Constituency Session Jared Wright 08/20/2012
Article 2013 Summer Reading Group: ‘Postmodern Apologetics?’ Zane Yi 06/07/2013
Article Change We Can All Believe In Keith Burton 11/05/2010
Article Viewpoint: Remnant Redux Edward Reifsnyder 04/23/2014
Article Breaking News—Adventist Women Suffer Another Blow by Church Leaders Alexander Carpenter 10/11/2011

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