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Article “Hey, What’d You Put for No. 17?” Brittany Collins 12/06/2007
Article A Year at the Center for Action and Contemplation Rachel Davies 03/01/2010
Article Stressing the Body Lisa Clark Diller 01/09/2011
Article Grace and Judgment: An Orchestra, Not Just a Bugle Alden Thompson 01/25/2012
Article The Pope's Resignation Hanz Gutierrez 02/14/2013
Article The Ear: Kendra Haloviak Valentine—Theologian at Work Charles Scriven 01/03/2014
Article The Best and Sweetest Thing I've Ever Heard Daryll Ward 10/03/2014
Article The High Priestly Ministry of Jesus Ivan Blazen 06/16/2008
Article Growing in Christ Anthea Davis 08/15/2010
Article African Rice Heart on the Road Alita Byrd 07/29/2011
Article "As a Thief in the Night" Herbert E. Douglass 08/29/2012
Article The Ear: A Congregation That Works Charles Scriven 08/30/2013
Article No Sabbath School Commentary This Week No Author 06/06/2014
Article Getting Rid of Self and Revival Religion Herold Weiss 03/11/2009
Article The Somewhat Doubtful Holy Land Loren Seibold 09/25/2009
Article The One Who Stayed Behind Alita Byrd 01/25/2008
Article The Disciplines as Discipleship Zane Yi 03/29/2010
Article Praying into Surrender Joelle Chase 02/14/2011
Article God As Artist Lori-Anne Poirer 03/13/2012
Article Questioning Beliefs: African Churchmembers Surveyed Alita Byrd 03/26/2013
Article Discipling the Ordinary David Sedlacek 02/07/2014
Article Director of New Urban Evangelism School On Reaching People Where They Are Alita Byrd 11/07/2014
Article Raping Children, Executing Criminals, and Second Guessing the U.S. Supreme Court David Larson 07/24/2008
Article Life Lana B. Martin 04/20/2009
Article Power: Reflections on Numbers 16 and 17 Michael Pearson 11/08/2009

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