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Article On Call for Christmas Thomas Dwyer 12/24/2014
Article Doors, and How to Be Nice Lainey S. Cronk 02/22/2009
Article Thinking about Adventism 01/27/2007
Article Remembering Not Only Great Disappointment, But Also Great Failure Leslie Foster 10/22/2015
Article ADRA and LLU Workers Enter Port-au-Prince Alexander Carpenter 01/15/2010
Article Sabbath Sermon: The History of Ordination—Darius Jankiewicz Alexander Carpenter 09/28/2012
Article Bringing the Real World to Genesis: Why Evolution is an Idea that Won’t Die—V Jan M. Long 07/15/2013
Article The Ear: Randy Roberts Connecting Text and Culture Charles Scriven 05/24/2014
Article Video | Is Biblical Capitalism an Oxymoron? Alexander Carpenter 05/20/2008
Article Congolese Rebel Laurent Nkunda Caught Alexander Carpenter 01/23/2009
Article Painting for Understanding: Mindy Bielas Inspired by the Old Testament Alita Byrd 09/08/2015
Article Ron Numbers Lectures at LLU on the Adventist Origins of Scientific Creationism Matthew Burdette 12/05/2009
Article St Paul's Teaching of Justification Erwin Gane 07/12/2010
Article Why Study is More Important than Prayer: A Jewish Perspective Landon Schnabel 05/31/2011
Article Terminated LSU Biologist Lee Greer Issues Press Release Lee Greer 05/09/2012
Article Sabbath Sermon: Theology of Worship and the Arts—Clayton Schmit Alexander Carpenter 01/04/2013
Article Desesperación, espera y encuentro J.M. López Yuste 06/17/2010
Article Ya son tres las Divisiones que apoyan la ordenación de la mujer Café Hispano 11/14/2013
Article Carta a Odiseo Carles Centener 04/21/2011
Article Remembering William A. Loveless Bonnie Dwyer 09/15/2014
Article El cambio climático como motor para la formación de especies C. García-Pozuelo 08/19/2008
Article Creations--Whimsy Leslie Foster 03/25/2012
Article Andrews University Students Make Request of North American Division Regarding Conference Structure Jared Wright 03/07/2015
Article El pecado Richard Rice 05/06/2009
Article Down, Religious Right Groups Lie, Role Over 08/09/2006

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