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Article The 'Press' on La Sierra University Alexander Carpenter 08/04/2011
Article Thoughts from an Episcopalian at Loma Linda University Alexander Carpenter 06/05/2008
Article Sabbath Sermon: Leonard Sweet, "Seeing With a Creative Eye" Leonard Sweet 10/17/2014
Article Identidades adventistas Café Hispano 01/16/2012
Article A good homily 12/28/2006
Article The Struggling Masses: World Hunger and what I Should Do About It. Eric Scott 10/02/2008
Article The Agon of Genesis One Karl. G. Wilcox 01/09/2013
Article Turning Away from Sin Heather Isaacs Royce 07/12/2009
Article Art, Allah, and Cultural Naiveté Bjorn Karlman 03/15/2010
Article Preguntas para los administradores de la UAE Jonás Berea 11/17/2013
Article Woe to the Wealthy Keith Burton 01/07/2011
Article Three Angles News - Loma Linda Graduates Win on Meaningful Work Metric Pam Dietrich 09/18/2014
Article Second Week of Advent: Redemption Comes in Strange Places Jaci Cress Perrin 12/01/2011
Article Andrews University LGBT Bake Sale Dustup Reveals Adventism's Issues With Homosexuality Jared Wright 03/10/2015
Article Billionaires for war 03/18/2007
Article Good News Tour Video - LLU Church Alexander Carpenter 09/07/2008
Article Interruptions—Part II: Creed Daniel Peverini 12/10/2012
Article Intersection TV: Who are Adventists? Alexander Carpenter 05/31/2009
Article La junta de iglesia, ¿es la iglesia? Jonás Berea 10/11/2013
Article Honest, Authentic Encounters: Enriching Our Stories - I Ray Dabrowski 11/23/2010
Article Living Like Jesus Herbert E. Douglass 08/15/2014
Article Novedad editorial: el Cristianismo y sus variantes Café Hispano 02/05/2015
Article “Protegidos bajo las alas de Dios” Susan Comilang 05/10/2011
Article Jan Paulsen Speaks at La Sierra University Church Alexander Carpenter 04/16/2012
Article A Brief History of Gay Adventism 06/15/2006

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