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Article Three Angles News—Thursday, Nov. 22, 2012 Alexander Carpenter 11/22/2012
Article ¿Qué valoran los niños y los adolescentes de Jesús? Presentación de un caso español Josep A. Álvarez 09/19/2013
Article A Theology of Peace I Jeff Boyd 02/18/2011
Article Sabbath Sermon: Sandra Roberts, "The Indelible Dignity in Discomfort" Sandra Roberts 07/25/2014
Article Prophetic Short Sermon Series | Amazing Grace - Wintley Phipps Alexander Carpenter 07/03/2008
Article Heard, Understood, and Loved: My Weekend With Gay Christians Jefferson Clark 01/15/2015
Article The Gift of Prophecy in Israel and the Church Anne Collier-Freed 03/16/2009
Article Twenty Years of Minutes: Proceedings of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (GC)—Part 2 (1870-1876) Robert T. Johnston 11/17/2015
Article The Literal Meaning of Genesis and the Cross of Christ Ron Osborn 02/05/2010
Article Photo Fun: Leaders Decide, We Report Alexander Carpenter 10/17/2012
Article Job and the Wild Duck Mary Christian 01/16/2017
Article Making Himself Equal to God Herold Weiss 08/12/2011
Article SPD Adventist News 10/11/2007
Article Thoughts from an Episcopalian at Loma Linda University Alexander Carpenter 06/05/2008
Article Former Adventist Defends Kim Davis Alita Byrd 10/08/2015
Article Fire Sweeps Adventist Retirement Home in South Africa Alexander Carpenter 08/02/2010
Article “Church is Simply A Means to An End,” Tweets Church Leader in the Visitor’s Twitter Chat Victoria Michelle Bernard 01/21/2014
Article Sabbath Sermon: Carlton Byrd—Death? What Is It? Alexander Carpenter 07/01/2011
Article NAD Year-End Meetings Report Slow Growth, Headquarters Move Julio C. Muñoz, North American Division 11/02/2014
Article Spectrum Church | Sub-prime Mortgage Blues Alexander Carpenter 10/04/2008
Article A Love Response Mary Trim 06/06/2012
Article Apartándose del pecado Heather Isaacs Royce 07/15/2009
Article Christian Record Services for the Blind Joins Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America Daniel Weber, Jeri Lyn Rogge 04/29/2016
Article Sabbath Sermon: Religious Liberty: Windows of Vulnerability?—Bert Beach Alexander Carpenter 02/02/2013
Article Reviewing the Review: GC Session Edition Andrew Hanson 07/02/2010

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