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Article Sabbath Sermon: Speechless Ryan Bell 02/19/2010
Article Reflections on Christ, Law, and Sacrifice Ivan Blazen 11/15/2013
Article What’s the Cost of a Soul? Loren Seibold 08/21/2009
Article Beyond All Odds: Prayer As Silence Joelle Chase 05/28/2013
Article Stressing the Body Lisa Clark Diller 01/09/2011
Article Spirituality of Dance Joelle Chase 08/22/2014
Article “Panentheism” Is Not a Four-Letter Word! David Larson 07/30/2010
Article The Limits of Love S.M. Chen 04/15/2014
Article Adventist Higher Education: Looking for the Point Charles Scriven 03/21/2008
Article Has America Forgotten About Slavery? Keith Burton 11/03/2011
Article African Rice Heart on the Road Alita Byrd 07/29/2011
Article Getting Rid of Self and Revival Religion Herold Weiss 03/11/2009
Article Union College Prepares for Emergencies Alita Byrd 09/15/2008
Article Embracing ministry outside Adventism Don Barton 12/10/2012
Article The House was Filled with the Fragrance of her Ointment Herold Weiss 06/14/2012
Article Truth: Jesus' lived reality Gifford Rhamie 03/14/2010
Article Birth Giver: A Video Reflection for Advent The Work of the People 12/08/2013
Article The Somewhat Doubtful Holy Land Loren Seibold 09/25/2009
Article The Ear: “Something Else Sabbath School” Charles Scriven 07/05/2013
Article Praying into Surrender Joelle Chase 02/14/2011
Article Old Testament, Jesus, Second Coming Alden Thompson 09/23/2014
Article The Ear: Leadership on the Upper East Side Charles Scriven 05/09/2014
Article Teacher or Savior? Ernie Bursey 04/22/2008
Article Fourth Week of Advent: Wayfaring Savior Scott Arany 12/16/2011
Article Can We Adventists Learn from Others? Loren Seibold 10/22/2009

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