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Article Power: Reflections on Numbers 16 and 17 Michael Pearson 11/08/2009
Article A Play in One Act Donna Haerich 09/24/2010
Article Spirituality and History: A Review of Philip Sheldrake Rachel Davies 09/15/2011
Article Adventist Women + Equality = Unity: The Faces and Voices of the Ordained Alexander Carpenter, Timothy Wolfer 10/10/2012
Article The Ear: A Safe Place for Conversation Charles Scriven 10/04/2013
Article The De-Europeanization of European Adventism – European Holzwege II Hanz Gutierrez 07/10/2014
Article Survivalist Eschatology Loren Seibold 10/06/2008
Article Getting Rid of Self and Revival Religion Herold Weiss 03/11/2009
Article An Open Letter to the Environment Sigve Tonstad 04/25/2010
Article An Interview with Keith Lockhart -Seeking a Sanctuary Julius Nam 03/21/2011
Article The Conundrum of Religious Liberty Jason Hines 04/26/2012
Article Amos Warns Against Utterly Despicable Sabbath Worship Zack Plantak 05/02/2013
Article The Sabbath Sofa Seeks to Make Adventism Relevant Alita Byrd 03/07/2014
Article The Somewhat Doubtful Holy Land Loren Seibold 09/25/2009
Article Filmmaker Martin Doblmeier Talks About Forgiveness Bonnie Dwyer 05/13/2008
Article Why I’m Neither Pro-Life Nor Pro-Choice Loren Seibold 12/18/2009
Article Prophetic Workshop: Christian Music and the Heart of God Rachel Davies 10/29/2010
Article In the Face of Law and Grace: Adventist Views on Salvation and How We Speak About Them David Trim 10/31/2011
Article Where Are You From? Herold Weiss 11/08/2012
Article The Forest Takes on a Four-Letter Word Sarah Fusté 11/08/2013
Article The Gaza Conflict: A Consequence of Imperial Guilt Keith Augustus Burton 08/07/2014
Article Life Lana B. Martin 04/20/2009
Article The Sound of Silence Zane Yi 05/31/2010
Article A Fallen Hero, A Hardened Sinner – and Grace Alden Thompson 05/01/2011
Article A Love Response Mary Trim 06/06/2012

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