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Article Reviewing. . .Adventist World: Liberty Edition Andrew Hanson 05/05/2010
Article Freedom From Addictions Leslie Ackie 03/06/2011
Article Legal Opinion Contests North American Division Vote on Commissioned Ministers Bonnie Dwyer 02/06/2012
Article Peter’s New Universe: The Cross, the Self, and the Other M. M. Kulakov Jr. 08/27/2008
Article Adventism towards the summum bonum 11/06/2006
Article Columbia Union College changes name to Washington Adventist University Jonathan Pichot 05/17/2009
Article Amorous Student at Adventist School Upstages Presidential Photo Alexander Carpenter 10/28/2012
Article The Job Description Jesus Gave to His Church Herbert E. Douglass 02/25/2008
Article The Adventist Review Reports on "Educate Truth" and La Sierra University Alexander Carpenter 03/31/2010
Article Many Waters Joelle Chase 08/25/2013
Article Money is Tight for the Adventist Church in Greece, Spain and Portugal Alexander Carpenter 01/26/2011
Article Sabbath Sermon: John Ortberg, "What is the Gospel Jesus Came to Preach?" John Ortberg 07/04/2014
Article Boasting On Jesus Alex Bryan 12/28/2011
Article Netherlands Union Lists Job Opening for Female or Male Pastors Jared Wright 12/23/2014
Article Happy 10,000th Comment! Alexander Carpenter 07/25/2008
Article Rules for a Global Neighbourhood in a Multicultural World 01/28/2007
Article A Life of Praise Carmen Seibold 11/29/2007
Article Video: The Pastors' Wives - Before He Eats Alexander Carpenter 04/06/2009
Article TRUST: On Mission and Chavez Geoffrey Nelson-Blake 09/27/2012
Article New ADRA President Shares His Plans for the Agency Alita Byrd 07/12/2013
Article Sabbath Sermon: Sigve Tonstad, "'Or the Resident Alien in Your Towns': Sabbath and Justice in the Commandments" Sigve Tonstad 05/23/2014
Article InFocus Adventist News: Adventists Affected by Samoan Tsunami Alexander Carpenter 10/03/2009
Article Dear God 2.0 - The Roots DJ ؟pekdrum 07/10/2010
Article Google Purchases Old Pacific Press Campus Alexander Carpenter 05/30/2011
Article Bearing Witness: The Rhetoric of Influence Karl. G. Wilcox 05/09/2012

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