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Article Paul's Achilles Heel Herold Weiss 08/06/2012
Article Creation in the Bible Herold Weiss 05/13/2011
Article This is What He Said Jan Paulsen 04/17/2012
Article The Humanity of Jesus: Like Adam and Eve or You and Me? David Larson 04/07/2008
Article Tweeting the Meeting: Day 7, Women’s Ordination Rachel Logan 07/09/2015
Article The Rest of the Story Donna Haerich 05/28/2010
Article Sabbath at the Spectrum Café: A Dash of Caribbean Culture Norma Borrett 10/31/2013
Article Lions from Heaven Keith Buton 04/01/2011
Article PUC Shaken During Earthquake - No Damage Alita Byrd 08/27/2014
Article Kenya: Workers at Adventist University Evacuated E. Lechleitner 01/10/2008
Article Witnessing to God’s Reign Ryan Bell 08/04/2008
Article "Of Prayer" by John Calvin John Calvin 03/06/2012
Article Weekend Festivities: SONscreen Film Festival Jared Wright 04/17/2009
Article Gane Replies to Scriven and Larson 09/13/2006
Article Bible Commentary: "Ellen G. White and the Bible" Lainey S. Cronk 03/10/2010
Article With Gratitude Alexander Carpenter 11/22/2012
Article Let's Talk About Syria Alita Byrd 09/17/2013
Article Discipleship – 3: Called to Extraordinary Perfection Brenton Reading 07/25/2014
Article Torture, Hitchens & Our Moral Witness David Hamstra 07/05/2008
Article A Primer on the Three Angels of Revelation 14 Loren Seibold 01/15/2015
Article Student Series: Homosexuality and the Adventist Campus - La Sierra Matt Burdette 03/15/2009
Article My African Story Keith Burton 02/05/2010
Article Annual Council Action on Women Ordaining Unions—Motion Carried 264 to 25 Alexander Carpenter 10/16/2012
Article Science and the Existence of God – Summer Reading Group VI Peter Lyons 08/10/2011
Article Jan Paulsen gets it again 10/15/2007

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