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Article Spectrum presents a VCast lecture by Richard Rice on faith and reason 01/13/2007
Article Doctrine on Cliff's Questions 01/14/2007
Article Martin Luther King Jr. preaches against war 01/15/2007
Article Art: Interview with Lisie S. Orjuela 01/15/2007
Article Writings show that Dr. King rejected literalism 01/16/2007
Article Richard Rice videos up and running 01/16/2007
Article Understanding Bible Times - demons 01/17/2007
Article A thousand thanks to our readers (and a contest!) 01/17/2007
Article George and Hillary speak to Seventh-day Adventists 01/18/2007
Article Read this essay: Adventists at the Frontiers 01/19/2007
Article For those who followed our series: Our Man in San Francisco 01/20/2007
Article NARLA on power 01/21/2007
Article 1000th comment contest results! 01/22/2007
Article Let's make our leaders stop global warming. 01/23/2007
Article More evidence for human-caused climate change 01/23/2007
Article Nam/Goldstein Interlogue 01/24/2007
Article Scientists and Christian leaders on global warming 01/25/2007
Article Three dispatches from the REAL Adventist World 01/26/2007
Article Thinking about Adventism 01/27/2007
Article J. Cash: God's gonna cut you down 01/28/2007
Article Rules for a Global Neighbourhood in a Multicultural World 01/29/2007
Article Prez Paulsen brings up women's ordination 01/29/2007
Article Margaret Atwood on why Jesus didn't write anything down 01/30/2007
Article Art: Exhibits at PUC and LSU 01/31/2007
Article Why young Adventists leave 02/01/2007
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