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Article News Headlines: Nevada Caucus on Sabbath a Hindrance for Some Adventists, Jews Pam Dietrich 02/24/2016
Article Andrews University Announces Passing of Professor Emeritus Miroslav Kiš Jared Wright 02/24/2016
Article Weniger Society Honors Roy Branson, Robert Lemon and Sandra Roberts Bonnie Dwyer 02/23/2016
Article Tie Your Shoes! Dennis Hollingsead 02/21/2016
Article Florida Hospital Hits NASCAR Circuit as Official Daytona International Speedway Healthcare Provider Jared Wright 02/21/2016
Article Alexis Davis Chooses La Sierra University Over UNC, Howard, to Honor Sabbath Commitment Darla Martin Tucker 02/19/2016
Article The One Project 'Create Conference' Mandate: "Keep It Local" Brenton Reading 02/19/2016
Article Andrews University Professor Tiffany Summerscales Discusses Her Part in Extraordinary Scientific Discovery Clinton Jackson 02/18/2016
Article The Advance Conference: Jesus and the Church’s Health Ministry Charles Scriven 02/18/2016
Article Adventist Healthcare Ethics – Myths and Dilemmas Mark F Carr 02/18/2016
Article Comrades in Arms Terrie Dopp Aamodt 02/18/2016
Article News Headlines: South Caribbean Conference President Decries Carnival, Affirms Hetero Marriage Pam Dietrich 02/17/2016
Article One Project Day 2: Instead of a Paper People Charles Scriven 02/16/2016
Article The One Project: You Can’t Stop the Dawn Charles Scriven 02/15/2016
Article Belgian-Luxembourg Conference Suspends All Pastoral Ordinations Belgian-Luxembourg Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Spectrum 02/14/2016
Article A Love Poem by the Queen of Hawaii G.D. Williams 02/13/2016
Article Truth-Telling in Passive-Aggressive Organizations Kent Hansen 02/12/2016
Article Toward An Adventist Theology Of Health (4) - On Therapy Hanz Gutierrez 02/11/2016
Article Considering Jesus' Teachings Ernie Bursey 02/11/2016
Article A Review of Chris Meyers' "The Moral Defense of Homosexuality" Bryan Ness 02/11/2016
Article Perspective: Ice Ages Research Demolishes Young Earth Creationism Col J. Gibson, D. Stuart Letham 02/10/2016
Article News Headlines: Record Keeper Named Among Best Sci-Fi Web Series (And More!) Pam Dietrich 02/09/2016
Article This Ford Still Runs! Desmond Ford Speaks in Morisset Milton Hook 02/09/2016
Article Why Does Jesus Christ Give Offense? Charles Scriven 02/08/2016
Article Viewpoint: Our Son Michael Harvey Must Be Restored Bernard Headley 02/08/2016

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