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Article Christ in the Crucible Ron Corson 12/26/2007
Article Tutored, Adopted, and Inheritors: Living Faith with Christ Ben Holdsworth 11/15/2011
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Article Deliberately with Intent Donna Haerich 04/22/2011
Article Rethinking Revelation Seminars in the Philippines Spectrum Editors 12/19/2008
Article Weimar Academy and College Get a “New Start” Alexander Carpenter 07/02/2008
Article Embracing ministry outside Adventism - Part 2 Don Barton 12/16/2012
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Article Jesus and the Johannine Letters Jonathan Gallagher 06/29/2009
Article Our Prophetic Heritage Alden Thompson 12/13/2013
Article Lest We Forget - Part II Donna Haerich 11/26/2010
Article Reflections on Revival and Reformation Norman Loman 07/12/2013
Article The Bible and Diet Brian Bull 06/13/2010

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