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Article Shall the fundamentalists win? Philip Jenkins on the future of Christendom 03/22/2007
Article Twas the Night Before Sunday Law Alexander Carpenter 12/21/2009
Article Welcome to College. That’ll be $31,600 Plus Fees Eliel Cruz 08/30/2012
Article Joe Melashenko, Gone Home Alexander Carpenter 06/23/2013
Article Study Shows that Adventist Education Improves Learning Alexander Carpenter 11/19/2010
Article NAD Women's Ministries Director Talks About Campaign to Combat Abuse Alita Byrd 05/02/2014
Article Video | Southern Adventist University: Student Debate on Homosexuality Alexander Carpenter 05/02/2008
Article Should I Fight? Jeff Crocombe 12/31/2008
Article The Closing of the Adventist Mind Revisited, and Confirmed Eddy Johnson 08/10/2015
Article Happy Rooms Around the World Jonathan Pichot 11/07/2009
Article Chik-fil-A and the Dragon's Wrath Keith Augustus Burton 08/02/2012
Article Looking Back at ADRA Alita Byrd 05/12/2013
Article Justin Kim, Congressional Candidate, Speaks with Spectrum Alexander Carpenter 04/12/2012
Article As It Is In Heaven Steve Parker 03/31/2008
Article How The Adventist Church Changed its Fundamental Beliefs in San Antonio Larry Geraty 07/07/2015
Article Four Years in Collegedale: Four issues that moved me out of Adventism Shane Akerman 05/26/2010
Article Martin Doblmeier's Sequel, The Adventists 2: A Review Tompaul Wheeler 10/23/2013
Article On Church Growth, the General Conference Corrects the News David Trim 03/24/2011
Article Adventist "Celebrities" Take the Ice Bucket Challenge Alita Byrd 08/22/2014
Article Arrested Oakwood Students Suspended for Semester Ansel Oliver-ANN 01/03/2008
Article Muslim Cleric Addresses Orlando Adventist Forum James Coffin 02/28/2012
Article PUC President Osborn Resigns Alexander Carpenter 04/13/2009
Article Cool Adventist belief: no hell? 09/24/2006
Article Science or Revelation (The Question of God - Alt. S.S. 3 of 11) Rich Hannon 03/07/2010
Article Seven More Women Approved for Ordination by Pacific Union Conference Alexander Carpenter 11/16/2012

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