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Article The Son of Amittai Fred Kinsey 07/21/2015
Article Editorial: Go Set a Watchman Carmen Lau 07/21/2015
Article Roy Branson: Pilgrim of Hope Spectrum 07/20/2015
Article Summer Reading Group: "Darwin and Disgust" Ronald Osborn 07/20/2015
Article General Conference Reflections: The Realities We’re Forgetting Stuart Tyner 07/19/2015
Article Fake or Fortune? Dennis Hollingsead 07/17/2015
Article Viewpoint: African and Latin-American Adventism--An Occasion Lost on the Ordination Vote Hanz Gutierrez 07/17/2015
Article A Prayer for Ellen White and for Us Bonnie Dwyer 07/17/2015
Article Naaman and the Little Maid Matthew Henry 07/17/2015
Article Perspective: Even The General Conference in Session Doesn't Believe all 28 Fundamental Beliefs Trevan Osborn 07/16/2015
Article Grieving July 8, 2015 Loren Seibold 07/16/2015
Article The Hideout—A Conversation with Daniel Wahlen on His Award-winning Short Rachel Logan 07/15/2015
Article What’s Next? The New Agenda and the New Team Bonnie Dwyer 07/15/2015
Article I Don't Want to Live on This Planet Anymore Alexander Carpenter 07/15/2015
Article Wesleyans Aren't Fundamentalists...Are Adventists? Dennis Stevens 07/15/2015
Article Ellen White: A Subject for Adventist Scholarship Herold Weiss, Roy Branson 07/14/2015
Article South Pacific Division President Affirms Women in Ministry Spectrum, The Record 07/14/2015
Article Outside the Alamo 5: Surprise, Surprise Chris Blake 07/13/2015
Article Trans-European Division President Sends Letter to Women in Ministry Raafat Kamal 07/12/2015
Article The Preaching: Heaven Still on Our Minds (Earth Not So Much) Charles Scriven 07/12/2015
Article A Challenge to Fellow Millennials: Be the Change You Wish to See Alisa Williams 07/11/2015
Article Tweeting the Meeting: #MyChurchToo Edition Rachel Logan 07/11/2015
Article #GCFashion: A Celebration of Diversity Alisa Williams, Rachel Logan 07/11/2015
Article Outside the Alamo 4: After the Vote – Practicing the Fundamentals Chris Blake 07/11/2015
Article Clarification of Roles on Women in Ministry North American Division 07/10/2015

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