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Blog La Sierra University Lawsuit Falling Apart Alita Byrd 02/20/2014
Article The Back Door Problem Loren Seibold 02/20/2014
Blog Tracing Barack Obama's Adventist Family Ties GC Office of Archives, Statistics and Research 02/19/2014
Article With the Rich and Famous Arceli H. Rosario 02/19/2014
Article Keith Bowman on a a New Hub for Adventist Videos Alita Byrd 02/18/2014
Blog Bringing the Real World to Genesis: Rating the Creation and the Big Bang George P. Saxon 02/18/2014
Blog Three Angles News - February 17, 2014 Pam Dietrich 02/17/2014
Review Servant God: A Review Carmen Lau 02/17/2014
Blog The Man Who Talked With God T Joe Willey 02/16/2014
Article Lessons from Trees Rabindranath Tagore, S.M. Chen 02/14/2014
Blog "Jesus...Full Stop...All...Full Stop" Charles Scriven 02/14/2014
Blog Sabbath Un-sermon: Alice Dreger, "Is Anatomy Destiny?" Alice Dreger 02/14/2014
Blog Stewart Bainum, Sr., Adventist Businessman and Philanthropist Dies Jared Wright 02/14/2014
Blog Remembering Donna Jean Walker-Haerich Carrol Grady 02/13/2014
Cafe Hispano Article El cristianismo del s.XXI a la luz del cristianismo del s.I: una revolución pendiente Juan Ramón Junqueras 02/13/2014
Article Theodrama of an Anorexic Theology - 3 Hanz Gutierrez 02/13/2014
Blog How Adventists Started Believing in the Trinity Jared Wright 02/13/2014
Blog GYC Presenter Offers Public Apology Michael Carducci 02/12/2014
Blog Napa Valley Register Calls Out PUC's Duplicity in Land Battle Alita Byrd 02/11/2014
Article Jesus and the Social Outcasts Larry D. Burton 02/11/2014
Blog 3 Angles News - Adventists Combat Female Genital Mutilation Pam Dietrich 02/10/2014
Blog Viewpoint: GYC Presentation Promotes Damaging Message About Gay Youth Eliel Cruz 02/09/2014
Article Prayers from the Heart Deanna Pitchford 02/07/2014
Article Chris Blake on Why He Is Neither Conservative Nor Liberal Alita Byrd 02/07/2014
Blog Reflections on an African Adventist Report on Ordination Issues Peter S Marks 02/07/2014

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