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Article The Actual Significance of the San Antonio Ordination Vote Jared Wright 07/06/2015
Article Sauna espiritual (2): El último minuet Víctor M. Armenteros 05/20/2010
Article N. T. Wright, Rob Bell, Jamie Oliver: A Disappointment for Adventism? Sam Neves 03/18/2011
Article GC President Opens Bible and Science Conference Bonnie Dwyer 08/19/2014
Article ADRA Adrift: One Year Later Alexander Carpenter 02/22/2012
Article Mission in a Pagan Land: Daniel and Company Laurence Turner 09/08/2008
Article Jan Paulsen gets it 10/08/2006
Article Where Discipleship Starts Rachel Davies 06/01/2009
Article A Turning Point—My Experience With Women’s Ordination Barbara Rutt 11/09/2012
Article Easter Reflections Herold Weiss 04/09/2010
Article Ryan Bell Discusses Fears and Fantasies in Interfaith Relationships Alita Byrd 09/08/2013
Article Spectrum site update. Now with new author lists and comment editing! Jonathan Pichot 02/09/2011
Article The Holy Spirit: Feelings or Faith Karl. G. Wilcox 07/17/2014
Article I Finished the Work Herold Weiss 01/12/2012
Article Ryan Bell Begins Life After God Jared Wright 01/04/2015
Article Responding to Women-Ordaining Union Constituencies a Focus of General Conference Meetings Alexander Carpenter 10/10/2012
Article Bringing the Real World to Genesis: Why Evolution is an Idea that Won’t Die—VI Jan M. Long 07/30/2013
Article Video | South Pacific Adventist News Alexander Carpenter 04/08/2008
Article Mediation and peace with Thich Nhat Hanh 10/27/2007
Article Video| Adventist News Alexander Carpenter 11/29/2008
Article Amazing Antichrist Decoder! Alexander Carpenter 10/14/2009

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