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Article Reviewing the Review | Impressed edition Andrew Hanson 05/29/2008
Article The Church Judas Built Grenville Kent 03/05/2008
Article A Summary of Sabbath’s Sermon Charles Scriven 07/05/2015
Article John Calvin on the Literal Meaning of Genesis Ron Osborn 01/31/2010
Article Campus Headlines: Andrews University Alumnus Ray McAllister Wins “Nobel Prize for Blindness” (And More!) Hallie Anderson 07/20/2016
Article Discipleship—6: Suffering Servants Lisa Clark Diller 08/16/2014
Article A Primer on the LSU-3 Lawsuit Jared Wright 10/24/2011
Article A brief history of the cigarette and Adventist action 05/30/2007
Article Science Sabbath: When should your doctor heed his conscience? Alexander Carpenter 01/10/2009
Article Congress Loses One Maryland Adventist, PUC Wins Land Fight Alexander Carpenter 11/07/2012
Article Brian McLaren Talks About Doctrine and Christian Identity Charles Scriven 09/07/2013
Article The Stoning of Soraya M. - A Review Heather M. May 08/05/2009
Article On Spectrum Being Down Alexander Carpenter 10/16/2010
Article Viewpoint: Will Jamaica Stand Firm in One Love and Mutual Respect? Bernard Headley 07/11/2014
Article Michael Chamberlain - Where Is He Now? Alexander Carpenter 09/12/2008
Article Loma Linda University Medical Center Called to White House Alexander Carpenter 09/21/2011
Article Faith: A Sabbath Worship Experience Steve Moor 01/02/2015
Article Truth and errata 08/13/2007
Article Reader Response - October 25-30, 2015 Spectrum Editors 10/31/2015
Article Creations—Community Leslie Foster 10/08/2012
Article Take the Risk! Jason Hines 07/25/2013
Article Video|That Millerite Prophecy Chart. . .Explained Alexander Carpenter 03/12/2010
Article Being Consumed: Economics and Christian Desire Chris Smith 09/03/2010
Article Summer Reading Group: Hospitality and Embrace Michaela Lawrence Jeffery 09/21/2015
Article Accident at the Annual Council - Bill Johnsson Hurt UPDATED Alexander Carpenter 10/15/2008

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