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Article Liberty for church, chaplain & state 05/28/2007
Article Reviewing the Review: Lay Power edition Andrew Hanson 07/31/2008
Article Viewpoint: Time to Change Adventist Education's Eggs-In-One-Basket-Approach Edward Reifsnyder 02/17/2015
Article 2015: The Year of the Adventist Politician (and Why 2016 Won't Be) Alita Byrd 01/01/2016
Article On Spectrum Being Down Alexander Carpenter 10/16/2010
Article Viewpoint: A Student and His Signs Bryant Rodriguez 04/07/2014
Article Three Faces of the Cosmic Conflict Metanarrative: Cultic Event-ists Jan M. Long 09/22/2011
Article ¿Está el evangelismo atrofiando a la iglesia? William F. Noel 11/23/2008
Article Now history deletes itself? 08/12/2007
Article "The Philosophical Baby" Enters the Kingdom Alexander Carpenter 10/11/2009
Article “Un ministerio perpetuo” Carlos E. Espinosa 06/29/2012
Article News Headlines: Adventist Employee Sues Walmart Alleging Religious Discrimination (And More!) Pam Dietrich 08/09/2016
Article Sabbath at the Spectrum Café—Craveable Foods Midori Yoshimura 04/11/2013
Article Being Consumed: Economics and Christian Desire Chris Smith 09/03/2010
Article La Unión Adventista Española informa a las iglesias y estas responden Jonás Berea 02/27/2014
Article CNN on shifts in evangelicalism Alexander Carpenter 02/27/2008
Article Voluntourism Does More Harm than Good Heather Ruiz 12/02/2014
Article This I Vote: Why I Don't Plan to Vote on Prop.8 Ron Osborn 10/26/2008
Article Lake Union Conference Says Racism Led to Regional Conference, Formally Apologizes Jared Wright 06/22/2015
Article Confianza Jim Bursey 08/30/2009
Article Poetry and Music for Father’s Day Alisa Williams 06/19/2016
Article Sabbath Sermon: Repenting of Our Patriarchy & Heterosexism—Trisha Famisaran Alexander Carpenter 03/01/2013
Article Loma Linda University Worshippers Honor Republican Politicians David Larson 11/30/2007
Article God’s Patience Demonstrated Carrol Grady 01/24/2012
Article Art: Makoto Fujimura's Bugle Call to Artists 12/08/2006
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