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Article Romans in Widescreen John Brunt 07/05/2017
Article The Rehoboam Syndrome and Its Cure Jean Sheldon 07/03/2017
Article Exchanges Down Under Part 3: Reflections on the Exotic Lisa Clark Diller 07/03/2017
Article William G. Johnsson Explains Why He Wrote Where Are We Headed? Adventism after San Antonio David Larson 07/01/2017
Article Reading the Bible: Feast or Snack? Carmen Lau 07/01/2017
Article Jerry Gladson on the Battle Between Text and Tradition Aage Rendalen 06/30/2017
Article La Sierra University Church Celebrates Ordination of Beverly Maravilla Jared Wright 06/29/2017
Article Ted Wilson’s Faith/Science Dead-end Rich Hannon 06/29/2017
Article Adventist University of Health Sciences' Provost to Succeed Founding President Alisa Williams 06/28/2017
Article Adventist Faith at the Center of Trump's Immigration Battle André Reis 06/28/2017
Article The Need for a Top-down Approach to STEM Education in Adventist Schools Mel Wade 06/28/2017
Article Adventists Respond to Grenfell Fire Tragedy Richard Daly, Trans-European Division 06/27/2017
Article A Review of Word by Word: A Daily Spiritual Practice Alisa Williams 06/26/2017
Article Taste Is Key Lydia Lijkendijk 06/23/2017
Article Adventist Pastor Elected to State Advisory Body in Russia EUD News, Euro-Asia Division 06/23/2017
Article Nature Identifies Events during the “Gap” in Creation: Authors’ Response Col J. Gibson, D. Stuart Letham 06/23/2017
Article New Book Puts Ellen White Against Civil War Backdrop Alita Byrd 06/22/2017
Article Major Themes in 1 and 2 Peter Youssry Guirguis 06/22/2017
Article I Give Up Jason Hines 06/22/2017
Article Adventist Health Systems Join Together to Create Bioethics Consortium Alisa Williams 06/21/2017
Article Adventist Students in Barbados Win Quiz Contest and More News Shorts Pam Dietrich 06/21/2017
Article Surprises and Elephants Michael Pearson 06/20/2017
Article Ode to Curiosity Tom de Bruin Sr. 06/20/2017
Article Walla Walla General Hospital to Close After Transfer to Providence Health Halted Alisa Williams 06/19/2017
Article Sabbath at the Unity Conference: Justice Takes Center Stage Bonnie Dwyer 06/19/2017
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