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Blog North American Division Seeks Higher Ground, Votes Statement on Civil Discourse Julio C. Muñoz, North American Division 11/05/2014
Blog North American Division Votes to Move Out of GC Building Julio C. Muñoz, North American Division 11/04/2014
Blog Makers of "Seventh-Gay Adventists" Say New Film Project Answers the Question, "What Next?" Jared Wright 11/03/2014
Blog Two Adventist Universities Receive, Tout Glowing Media Coverage Pam Dietrich 11/03/2014
Blog NAD Year-End Meetings Report Slow Growth, Headquarters Move Julio C. Muñoz, North American Division 11/02/2014
Blog Sabbath Sermon: Ellen White (Rita Hoshino) Telling Stories - Part 1 Rita Hoshino 11/01/2014
Article The Ear: Marlene Ferreras on Theology Where the People Are Charles Scriven 10/31/2014
Blog On Halloween and Facing Our Shadow Keisha E. McKenzie 10/31/2014
Blog Tara VinCross Discusses Her Rejection and Acceptance as a Woman Pastor North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists 10/31/2014
Blog Perspective: Five Scriptures We Christians Should Ponder James Coffin 10/30/2014
Blog PUC Legal Counsel Requests Removal of "Adam and Steve" Video Jared Wright, Rachel Logan 10/30/2014
Cafe Hispano Article Punto de vista: ¿Dónde estamos respecto a la ordenación de la mujer? - I Sakae Kubo 10/30/2014
Blog Hangzhou China: "About 100 Faithful Members Each Week" Damaris Matthews 10/30/2014
Blog Oops! Andrews Smarter than Walla Walla According to Business Insider Rankings Jared Wright 10/29/2014
Blog Business Insider Ranks Walla Walla Among Smartest U.S. Colleges Jared Wright 10/29/2014
Blog Headlines: Gillian Seton Says Ebola Epidemic Exaggerates Risks Pam Dietrich 10/28/2014
Blog New York Times: Jordanian Artifacts Loaned to Andrews University Museum "A Coup" Jared Wright 10/28/2014
Blog Utah Bible & Science Conference Panel Discussion II: Audience Peppers Panel With Questions Jared Wright 10/27/2014
Blog Sandra Roberts "Living Adventist History" Says Press Enterprise Jared Wright 10/27/2014
Blog Utah Bible & Science Conference Panel Discussion: Defending and Dissecting the Conference Jared Wright 10/27/2014
Blog Yik Yak App Sweeps Adventist Campuses to Mixed Reviews Rachel Logan 10/25/2014
Article Pastoral Rant: Coddling When We Should Be Challenging Shayne Daughenbaugh 10/24/2014
Blog Sabbath Sermon: Dan Matthews, "His Story, Our Story" Dan Matthews 10/24/2014
Blog Good Deeds from an Evil Heart? Sabbath School Podcast on James Alden Thompson, Dave Thomas, Pedrito Maynard-Reid 10/24/2014
Article The Qualities of the Soul Matthew Henry 10/24/2014

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