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Article Sabbath Sermon: Sabbath, by Sabbath, by Sabbath—Chris Oberg Alexander Carpenter 10/20/2012
Article Three Angles News - August 15, 2013 Alita Byrd 08/15/2013
Article “Formando relaciones” Lori-Anne Poirer 01/18/2011
Article Samuel Koranteng-Pipim Re-baptized Alita Byrd 06/26/2014
Article Heresy or Critical Thinking: Beliefs and Classroom Discussion Eric Scott 06/12/2008
Article Jeremías, un profeta en un tiempo de crisis Josep A. Álvarez 12/14/2011
Article Self-accrediting Authority for Avondale College Will Usher In New Era Brenton Stacey 12/16/2014
Article Tornado Devastates Adventist School Jared Wright 02/14/2009
Article Happy Presidents' Day: I like Ike, too 02/19/2007
Article Summer Reading Group: Sex and Privy Keisha E. McKenzie 10/12/2015
Article Time and Myth Herold Weiss 01/08/2010
Article A Faded Piece of Papyrus Refers to Jesus' Wife Lawrence T. Geraty 09/19/2012
Article Postmodern Apologetics?—4: Ricoeur and A God of Poetry and Superabundance Darin McGinnis 07/05/2013
Article Viewpoint: A Response to the Adventist Review on the NFL's First Openly Gay Player Eliel Cruz 05/15/2014
Article Columna: Eliminemos la Hiper Ortodoxia Charles Scriven 05/13/2008
Article The Truth of Christianity Herold Weiss 01/15/2009
Article Viewpoint: The Real Threat to Adventism is Biblical Literalism Edward Reifsnyder 08/26/2015
Article Adventist News: Food edition Alexander Carpenter 11/25/2009
Article Our Great Leap Backward Charles Scriven 07/03/2010
Article Reaching North America? Alexander Carpenter 05/23/2011
Article Review of Seeking a Sanctuary: Seventh-day Adventism and the American Dream Gary Land 09/27/2007
Article The dead book Nathan Brown 04/30/2012
Article Adventists in American Courts—State v. Baldwin, Iowa Supreme Court, 1881 Julius Nam 01/02/2013
Article Healing Substitution Model Tim Jennings 06/07/2010
Article NAD Clarifies Vote Affirming Women's Ordination Jared Wright 11/05/2013

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