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Article The Church Judas Built Grenville Kent 03/05/2008
Article Viewpoint: Why Unions Should Assert Their Right to Decide Women's Ordination Sakae Kubo 12/05/2014
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Article “El don de la estima de Dios” Joan Hughson 02/21/2011
Article Meekness in the Crucible Rachel Davies 12/05/2007
Article 'Our Firm Foundation' and Black People Benjamin Baker 01/27/2012
Article Art: A Gift Guide to Art-Spirituality Books 11/30/2006
Article Dare to be a Daniel Alexander Carpenter 10/19/2012
Article Reading with the TOSC: July Papers Bonnie Dwyer 08/14/2013
Article Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish: the Palestinian Martin Luther King Ryan Bell 01/17/2011
Article La División Norteamericana habla de cómo hacer que el adventismo sea más relevante en su territorio ANN - NAD - CAFÉ HISPANO 06/26/2014
Article Born Again - Again! Rich Hannon 06/11/2008
Article The 2012 Advent(ist) Calendar 1844 12/12/2011
Article Southern Profs To Head Both ATS and ASRS Spectrum Editors 02/13/2009
Article Amazing grace in faith and politics 02/21/2007
Article Statement from the Communication Department of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Alexander Carpenter 01/08/2010
Article Creations—Material Leslie Foster 09/17/2012
Article Christians More Patriotic, Survey Says Alita Byrd 07/04/2013
Article Bringing the Real World to Genesis: The Friendship of Science and Religion John Polkinghorne 05/15/2014
Article Film Club Discussion on The Power of Forgiveness Shasta Nelson 05/13/2008
Article InFocus Adventist News Alexander Carpenter 01/15/2009
Article Reviewing the Review: Knott Taking Sides edition Andrew Hanson 11/24/2009
Article The Text of Ted Wilson's Sermon: Go Forward Alexander Carpenter 07/03/2010
Article Sex and the Text: A Doctor Reflects on Hermeneutics Brenton Reading 05/25/2011

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