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Article LLU Hosts Int'l Congress on Vegetarianism + Why That's Cool Alexander Carpenter 03/06/2008
Article LLU Professor's One Man Show: "Damien" Don A. Roth 04/03/2009
Article LLU School of Religion Dean Compares Atonement Metaphors to Golf Clubs David Larson 04/22/2013
Article Lo que pudo haber sido y lo que realmente fue durante la Sesión de la Conferencia General de 1901 Gerry Chudleigh 03/23/2015
Article Lodi Memorial Hospital Will Receive $100M in Affiliation With Adventist Health Jared Wright 12/28/2014
Article Logros de la ciencia en 2012 Celedonio García-Pozuelo 02/21/2013
Article Loma Linda 360: The Diary of a Japanese Soldier Alexander Carpenter 05/29/2009
Article Loma Linda 360°—A Film on Baby Fae and the Beginning of Infant Heart Transplant Surgery Alexander Carpenter 06/09/2011
Article Loma Linda Board Chair Speaks Bonnie Dwyer 02/02/2009
Article Loma Linda Health's "Live It" Web Series Offers Keys to Health, Long Life Jared Wright 01/04/2016
Article Loma Linda Meets McDonald's Alexander Carpenter 12/19/2011
Article Loma Linda PossAbilities Member Heads to Inaugural Paracanoe World Cup in Germany Briana Pastorino 05/19/2015
Article Loma Linda Professor to Advise on USDA Nutrition Guidelines Alita Byrd 09/20/2012
Article Loma Linda University Church Shares Video of Ashley Picco & Lennon Picco Memorial Service Jared Wright 11/16/2014
Article Loma Linda University Health Expands With $10 Million Tribal Casino Gift Jared Wright 12/11/2014
Article Loma Linda University Health Installs Health(ier) Vending Machines Rachel Logan 03/23/2015
Article Loma Linda University Health Raises Its Minimum Wage to $13 an Hour Jared Wright 11/13/2015
Article Loma Linda University in Haiti Alexander Carpenter 01/18/2010
Article Loma Linda University Introduces Online Cooking Show – News Shorts Pam Dietrich 04/14/2017
Article Loma Linda University Medical Center Called to White House Alexander Carpenter 09/21/2011
Article Loma Linda University Medical Center Expands Alexander Carpenter 07/15/2008
Article Loma Linda University School of Religion Dean Praises Postmodernism David Larson 04/15/2008
Article Loma Linda University School of Religion Faculty Vote Unanimous Support for Seminary Response to "Unity" Document Jared Wright 10/04/2016
Article Loma Linda University Worshippers Honor Republican Politicians David Larson 11/30/2007
Article Loma Linda University's Ecology Weekend Jared Wright 01/22/2010
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