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Article Madre nuestra que estás en los cielos Juan Ramón Junqueras 05/31/2012
Article Major Newspaper Covers Students Attempt to Establish LGBT Support Club at La Sierra University Alexander Carpenter 11/16/2012
Article Majority of TOSC Backs Women's Ordination Bonnie Dwyer and Alita Byrd 06/05/2014
Article Makers of "Seventh-Gay Adventists" Say New Film Project Answers the Question, "What Next?" Jared Wright 11/03/2014
Article Making Himself Equal to God Herold Weiss 08/12/2011
Article Making History: A Review of Ellen Harmon White: American Prophet David Holland 06/23/2014
Article Making NY13 Work Loren Seibold 08/16/2012
Article Making Sense of a Vengeful God Alita Byrd 08/28/2016
Article Malcolm X on his Adventist upbringing 10/03/2007
Article Male Headship Symposium Day Two: Satan is Behind Feminism Jared Wright 10/02/2014
Article Malwebolence and the Ring Of Gyges Rich Hannon 08/03/2008
Article Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Pastors Rich Hannon 09/30/2008
Article Man of Lawlessness, People of Lawfulness Kim Papaioannou 09/17/2012
Article Mandate Debate Jason Hines 03/27/2014
Article Mandating God: Adventist University Worship Raymond Thompson 02/21/2008
Article Mankind: God’s Handiwork Mary Trim 10/16/2012
Article Manuel de Lacunza (1731-1801) sigue vivo en Chile Daniel Jiménez 06/07/2012
Article Many Waters Joelle Chase 08/25/2013
Article Marc Chagall's "White Crucifixion": An Easter Meditation Graeme Sharrock 04/22/2011
Article March Alisa Williams 03/05/2016
Article Marcus Borg on dying and living with Jesus Alexander Carpenter 04/23/2011
Article Marcus Borg: the political passion of the Bible 03/07/2007
Article Margaret Atwood on why Jesus didn't write anything down 01/30/2007
Article Marijuana: Should California Completely Legalize It? David Larson 02/26/2010
Article Markings of Maturity Delcy Kuhlman 04/16/2013

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