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Article Pacific Union College Show Tackles Prop 8 Alexander Carpenter 11/01/2008
Article Pacific Union College Student's Haiti Film Debuts Online Larry Pena 01/11/2011
Article Pacific Union College Student: "I Was Heartbroken and Angered" Kari Stickle 11/09/2014
Article Pacific Union College Students and Faculty Send Messages to "In God's Image" Conference Alexander Carpenter 03/17/2014
Article Pacific Union College's Gay-Straight Alliance Expands Adventist Learning Community Colleen Uechi 06/24/2012
Article Pacific Union Conference Approves Fourteen Women for Ordination Jared Wright 09/07/2012
Article Pacific Union Conference Calls Special Constituency Meeting to Authorize Equality in Ordination Alexander Carpenter 05/09/2012
Article Pacific Union Conference Distributes Materials; Women's Ordination Opponents Push Back Jared Wright 08/08/2012
Article Pacific Union Conference Executive Committee Affirms Women in Ministry Bonnie Dwyer 05/21/2010
Article Pacific Union Conference Votes Statement in Favor of Divisions Deciding Ordination Policies Jared Wright 11/14/2014
Article Pacific Union Constituents Vote to Ordain Without Regard to Gender Bonnie Dwyer 08/19/2012
Article Palm Sunday - Peace on Earth 04/01/2007
Article Pandering to Christians at Christmastime Loren Seibold 12/24/2008
Article Panel at PUC tackles questions on sexuality and God Jonathan Pichot 12/02/2007
Article Panera Bread Co. “Copies” a Church James Coffin 08/12/2010
Article Papal Legacy Keith Augustus Burton 10/04/2012
Article Para dar testimonio de la Verdad Herold Weiss 10/13/2011
Article Para encontrarse en el bosque Esther Villanueva 06/02/2011
Article Para un tiempo como éste: el apóstol Pablo Carlos E. Espinosa 06/27/2008
Article Paradojas temporales del arte prehistórico Celedonio García-Pozuelo 06/21/2012
Article Paranoid Eschatology, Part 2 Loren Seibold 10/20/2008
Article Parenting Series: Is Sabbathkeeping Giving or Stealing? Trudy Morgan-Cole 07/11/2008
Article Parenting Series: Is Teaching Hope a Good Thing? Michael Bennie 07/23/2008
Article Parousia: A Spiritual Discipline Erik Carter 08/23/2010
Article Parsing Words: The TOSC Votes a Consensus Statement Bonnie Dwyer 07/24/2013

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