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Article A Review of HOPE TV's Series on Origins Andrew Hanson 05/13/2011
Article Creation in the Bible Herold Weiss 05/13/2011
Article Double-Take: A Second Look at LSU's Biology Student Survey Jared Wright 05/13/2011
Article Sermon: Chris Oberg—That Church Alexander Carpenter 05/14/2011
Article Moore Mess with Texas Jiggs Gallagher 05/15/2011
Article Who Are the Real "Cultural Adventists"? James Coffin 05/15/2011
Article Adventist Vice President: "President Mugabe preaches the same gospel we preach." Alexander Carpenter 05/16/2011
Article Wordless Prayer: The Sound of Sheer Silence Scott Arany 05/18/2011
Article No Better than a Flower? Wendy Trim 05/18/2011
Article Church, State, and the Postal Service: The Contentious History of Sunday Mail Delivery Michael Peabody 05/19/2011
Article Avondale College Celebrates Creation Alexander Carpenter 05/19/2011
Article ¡Los adventistas catalanes no se indignan! Ruben Sanchez 05/19/2011
Article What Will Our Reformation Look Like? Loren Seibold 05/20/2011
Article Continued Analysis of La Sierra University Student Survey Reveals Faulty Allegations T. Joe Willey 05/20/2011
Article Texas Elects New Conference President Texas Conference 05/21/2011
Article Christianity and American Idol Steve Moran 05/23/2011
Article “Something in This Room Stinks!” Karl. G. Wilcox 05/23/2011
Article Reaching North America? Alexander Carpenter 05/23/2011
Article May 21 was actually beginning of Christ's judgment, Camping says Alexander Carpenter 05/24/2011
Article Revival! Revival! Revival! Eddy Johnson 05/24/2011
Article Union College Prez to Pastor Collegedale Church Alexander Carpenter 05/25/2011
Article Adventist Community Services Responds to Joplin Tornado Alexander Carpenter 05/25/2011
Article “¿No mejor que una flor?” Wendy Trim 05/25/2011
Article "¡Algo apesta en esta habitación!" Karl. G. Wilcox 05/25/2011
Article Sex and the Text: A Doctor Reflects on Hermeneutics Brenton Reading 05/25/2011
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