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Article October 22 Date May Need Slight Re-Calibration James Coffin 10/23/2012
Article Happy Great Disappointment Day Alexander Carpenter 10/22/2012
Article Ryan Bell: Loving Our Neighbors at the Ballot Box Alexander Carpenter 10/22/2012
Article Those Military Metaphors Nathan Brown 10/22/2012
Article Praying for America: Iowa Sigve Tonstad 10/22/2012
Article The Right Direction — My Experience with Women's Ordination Jennifer Deans 10/22/2012
Article Sabbath Sermon: Sabbath, by Sabbath, by Sabbath—Chris Oberg Alexander Carpenter 10/20/2012
Article News Reports: Adventists calls actions to ordain women 'mistakes' Alexander Carpenter 10/20/2012
Article Dare to be a Daniel Alexander Carpenter 10/19/2012
Article Islam in Bible Prophecy Loren Seibold 10/18/2012
Article Nuestra experiencia como siervas del Señor - 2 Café Hispano 10/18/2012
Article Otro fósil atemporal Celedonio García-Pozuelo 10/18/2012
Article Praying for America: Georgia Sigve Tonstad 10/18/2012
Article Annual Council Diary—Wednesday Bonnie Dwyer 10/18/2012
Article Photo Fun: Leaders Decide, We Report Alexander Carpenter 10/18/2012
Article Fulfillment — My Experience with Women's Ordination Linda Farley 10/16/2012
Article Annual Council Diary—Tuesday Bonnie Dwyer 10/16/2012
Article Annual Council Action on Women Ordaining Unions—Motion Carried 264 to 25 Alexander Carpenter 10/16/2012
Article Mankind: God’s Handiwork Mary Trim 10/16/2012
Article Annual Council Diary—Monday Bonnie Dwyer 10/15/2012
Article Affirmation — My Experience with Women’s Ordination Halcyon Westphal Wilson 10/15/2012
Article Annual Council Diary—Sunday Bonnie Dwyer 10/14/2012
Article David Asscherick on Women's Ordination Alexander Carpenter 10/14/2012
Article Annual Council Diary—Sabbath Bonnie Dwyer 10/14/2012
Article Why Women's Ordination = Unity Alexander Carpenter 10/13/2012
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