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Article Reflexiones de una Ministra del Evangelio de Cristo Jesús Patricia Marruffo 08/16/2012
Article Making NY13 Work Loren Seibold 08/16/2012
Article What Would Ellen White Say to Church Leaders? Trevan Osborn 08/15/2012
Article General Conference in Violation of Its Own Policy Gary Patterson 08/15/2012
Article “The Rabble-rouser Preaches Peace” Alden Thompson 08/15/2012
Article McVay Brought Back as Walla Walla President Jared Wright 08/15/2012
Article “Cuando agotemos la Nueva Reina-Valera Siglo XXI, habremos vendido 4 millones de biblias” Alita Byrd 08/13/2012
Article Handicapping the Pacific Union Conference Vote [UPDATED] Jared Wright 08/13/2012
Article Creations—Explore Leslie Foster 08/12/2012
Article Campaign to distribute a modern Spanish Bible Alita Byrd 08/12/2012
Article A Response to GC's Q&A Regarding Current Issues ONE in Christ 08/12/2012
Article A Close Reading of General Conference Working Policy on Ordination ONE in Christ 08/12/2012
Article Creation Seventh Day Adventist Church Leaders Freed Jared Wright 08/12/2012
Article The Future of Spectrum Commenting Jonathan Pichot 08/11/2012
Article Remembering My Struggles for Justice Patricia Marruffo 08/10/2012
Article North American Division Responds to Huffington Post Bullying Article Jared Wright 08/10/2012
Article Misleadership: Prolonging Female Subordination Charles Scriven 08/10/2012
Article Conviene obrar entre tanto que el día dura Herold Weiss 08/09/2012
Article We Must Work While It Is Day Herold Weiss 08/09/2012
Article Ted Wilson Takes Appeal to 3ABN Audience Jared Wright 08/08/2012
Article What Would MLK Say to Church Leaders? Trevan Osborn 08/08/2012
Article Thinking About Unity Edward Reifsnyder 08/08/2012
Article Pacific Union Conference Distributes Materials; Women's Ordination Opponents Push Back Jared Wright 08/08/2012
Article Video: CUC Constituency Session in Real Time Spectrum Editors 08/08/2012
Article Bringing the Real World to Genesis: WHAT MAKES SCIENCE VALUABLE? Part 3: Caprice and Law Mailen Kootsey 08/07/2012

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