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Article Receiving the Bird: Samuel Koranteng-Pipim Seeks Rebaptism This Sabbath Alexander Carpenter 06/06/2012
Article North American Division Reports on Women's Ordination News Spectrum Editors 06/05/2012
Article The Consolation of Philosophy by Boethius: A Study Guide for Adventists Rich Hannon 06/04/2012
Article In the Beginning God John Monday 06/03/2012
Article Creations—Innovation Leslie Foster 06/03/2012
Article The writer behind Hell and Mr. Fudge Alita Byrd 06/03/2012
Article Sabbath Sermon: The Historic Role of Women in Ministry in the Adventist Church—Stan Hickerson Alexander Carpenter 06/01/2012
Article "¡Cuán hermosos son los pies!" John Gill 06/01/2012
Article Listening to the Church in China Raj Attiken 06/01/2012
Article Madre nuestra que estás en los cielos Juan Ramón Junqueras 05/31/2012
Article Literalism and the Biblical Flood Story Rich Hannon 05/31/2012
Article Science and Human Origins: A Review Ken Peterson 05/30/2012
Article Seventh-day Adventists and Conspiracy Theories Tammy Roesch 05/30/2012
Article How Beautiful Are the Feet John Gill 05/29/2012
Article Creations—Futures Leslie Foster 05/28/2012
Article Summer Reading Group: 'To Change the World' Brenton Reading 05/28/2012
Article The God Gap: Politics and the Adventist Christian II—Chris Oberg Alexander Carpenter 05/25/2012
Article Florida Hospital College to Become Adventist University of Health Sciences Alexander Carpenter 05/25/2012
Article Bede the Venerable Gregory Dodds 05/25/2012
Article “Equipamiento para testificar” Herbert E. Douglass 05/25/2012
Article Tom Wright Sings about Genesis Alexander Carpenter 05/24/2012
Article Dueños del fuego Celedonio García-Pozuelo 05/24/2012
Article Gay Marriage and the Imposition of Morality Jason Hines 05/24/2012
Article Who is Worthy to Minister? Madeline Johnston 05/23/2012
Article Time to End the End of Time Alexander Carpenter 05/21/2012

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