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Article The Northern German Union Votes to Ordain Women Alexander Carpenter 04/23/2012
Article General Conference Seeks to Clarify Relationship with World Divisions Alexander Carpenter 04/23/2012
Article Creations—Shorts Leslie Foster 04/22/2012
Article Sabbath Sermon: He Is Risen In>Deed—Jeff Gang Alexander Carpenter 04/21/2012
Article Attack on La Sierra University Misfires Alexander Carpenter 04/21/2012
Article Voice of Prophecy Changes Leadership Midori Yoshimura 04/20/2012
Article “Muy emocionados –o muertos de miedo” Alden Thompson 04/19/2012
Article Why Did Jesus Have to Die? A Pastoral Approach Clarence Schilt 04/19/2012
Article Buscando redención por las calles de Buenos Aires Santiago Ramos 04/19/2012
Article Why It Will Happen Again Loren Seibold 04/19/2012
Article Really Excited – Or Scared to Death Alden Thompson 04/18/2012
Article This is What He Said Jan Paulsen 04/17/2012
Article Fundamentalism, Women, and the Adventist Church Alexander Carpenter 04/17/2012
Article Spectrum Tweets Adventist Church Spring Meetings Alexander Carpenter 04/17/2012
Article The Scourge of Theological Gossip Graham Maxwell 04/16/2012
Article Jan Paulsen Speaks at La Sierra University Church Alexander Carpenter 04/16/2012
Article Saving ADRA Bonnie Dwyer 04/15/2012
Article Sabbath Sermon: Jesus Saves—Chris Oberg Alexander Carpenter 04/14/2012
Article “Gente común extraordinaria” Benjamin Baker 04/13/2012
Article Blue Like Jazz: The Movie Nathan Brown 04/13/2012
Article Justin Kim, Congressional Candidate, Speaks with Spectrum Alexander Carpenter 04/12/2012
Article La salud viene de los Judíos Herold Weiss 04/12/2012
Article Salvation is from the Jews Herold Weiss 04/12/2012
Article A Bend Toward Justice in the Trayvon Martin Story Jason Hines 04/11/2012
Article Resurrection: On Mission and Chavez Geoffrey Nelson-Blake 04/10/2012

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