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Article La valiosa basura del genoma humano Celedonio García-Pozuelo 10/04/2012
Article The North American Division Asks for Your Prayers Alexander Carpenter 10/04/2012
Article XXXVIII Convención de AEGUAE - El cristiano ante el sufrimiento Café Hispano 10/04/2012
Article Update on the 'Seventh-Gay Adventists' Screening Tour Daneen Akers 10/04/2012
Article Papal Legacy Keith Augustus Burton 10/04/2012
Article The Great Controversy Herbert E. Douglass 10/02/2012
Article Six Challenges to the American Experiment Jan M. Long 10/01/2012
Article Is Penal Substitution Theology Modern Baal Worship? Timothy R. Jennings 10/01/2012
Article Creations—Tech Leslie Foster 10/01/2012
Article The Call—My Experience with Women’s Ordination Raewyn Hankins 10/01/2012
Article Sligo Streams Ordination of Pastor Debbie Eisele—LIVE Alexander Carpenter 09/29/2012
Article Sabbath Sermon: The History of Ordination—Darius Jankiewicz Alexander Carpenter 09/28/2012
Article Bringing the Real World to Genesis: Ice-Cores and Science Part II—Grecian Lead Mining Confirms Ice-Core Chronology Brian Bull 09/27/2012
Article TRUST: On Mission and Chavez Geoffrey Nelson-Blake 09/27/2012
Article La angustia del creyente ante la prosperidad de los malvados Josep A. Álvarez 09/27/2012
Article Time For “Plan B” Jason Hines 09/27/2012
Article North American Division Announces Theology of Ordination Committee Alexander Carpenter 09/26/2012
Article Citing Safety, Lake Union Advises World Church Against Pipim Materials, Speaking Invitations Alexander Carpenter 09/26/2012
Article GC Leaders Tout—but also Flout—Policy James Coffin 09/26/2012
Article Confidence In The Lord Matthew Henry 09/24/2012
Article The Illogic of Ordaining Women Elders Sakae Kubo 09/23/2012
Article Sabbath Sermon: The Outsiders Within—LaToya Wolfe Alexander Carpenter 09/22/2012
Article Bringing the Real World to Genesis: Ice Cores and Scripture Part I—How Many Years Has Snow Fallen on Greenland? Brian Bull 09/21/2012
Article Southern Adventist University Reports 14th Year of Enrollment Growth Alexander Carpenter 09/21/2012
Article Un profesor de Loma Linda asesora al Gobierno estadounidense sobre nutrición Alita Byrd 09/20/2012
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